Release Party ~ Hidden Gem ~ When are paranormal powers not cool?

September 26, 2014

shaneAki truly becomes the shining star of the Hidden Gem. He’s the most favored companion in the entire red light district—his best friend Candy a close second. But Aki has a thing for a certain Irish cop. Shane McNaughton survived the plague of WW3 but it mutated him. He no longer ages, has super human healing abilities, and is forced to change into an animal each month. At nearly a century old there isn’t much Shane hasn’t seen. He’s the head of Missing Persons and recently discovered a certain companion at the Hidden Gem has the ability to find the missing with just a touch. Shane also can’t help but enjoy Aki’s other talents.

But not everything is all booze and a quick polish as Shane would like. He’s got a case with a bunch of dead teenagers. Slaughtered, parts missing, and another kid vanishes—this time a senator’s daughter. The press and officials want his ass on fire for the case, but the leads say the monster they are hunting isn’t human. Shane turns to Aki for help awakening something darker inside the companion that should have remained buried:


With a sigh Aki tugged off his right glove and let his fingers brush the fabric. The room at the Hidden Gem vanished instantly. He raced through the streets of City M, rushing by buildings, cars, people, then to a bedroom. The posters of boy bands hung on the walls and bright bedding decorating the bed said this was the sanctuary of a teenage girl. He knew that what he was holding was a T-shirt. Mandy, the missing girl, had gotten it from her best friend for her last birthday. If Aki unfolded it, he’d have seen the band logo decorating the front and that it was well-worn from constant use. She stared at herself in the mirror for a minute, smiled at the reflection. So young. A happy kid, the world at her fingertips. Obviously she had everything she could ever have wanted. So what had gone wrong?

The world shifted, swirling by fast enough to nearly knock him over with vertigo. He saw Just Shoes and the dark streets, the shoes he wanted so badly, and Mandy’s thoughts about being a princess. Then she’d been taken. Pain exploded in her brain only briefly, then darkness. Only when she awoke, the pain returned, worse than anything Aki had ever experienced before, white-hot, breath-stealing pain. He tried to reason through it, remind himself it wasn’t really him that was hurting, clear his vision, anything to catch a glimpse of something that might show where she was. His head felt like it’d been set on fire, pain beginning around his eyes and spreading outward, down the heavy weight of his body. His limbs were unmovable, unresponsive, almost like they weren’t there. Something hot dripped down his cheeks and over his chest, not hot enough to burn, but warmer, thicker, and heavier than water would be. The distinct “plink” of liquid hitting the ground was the only sound. Aki called to her like he’d never tried before. Would she hear? Could she respond even if she did?

“Mandy? Where are you?”

The pain intensified, sending him spinning in a circle of wary confusion for a few minutes before becoming a suffocating weight on his chest. Blind to the world around him, and not in the way of a blindfold, he tried to reason through his other senses. The realization hit him, and he couldn’t help but try to pull himself away. He knew it was a mistake the second it happened. His world solidified with hers, and he screamed through her lips at the horror, the sound ratcheting off many walls and through a cavernous space. He fought to free himself with every ounce of strength he had as the memory of her eyes being torn out filled him. Thankfully everything went dark and the connection snapped away, taking with it all the pain.


We all read about people with super powers or psychic abilities and think hey that’s cool. Aki has an ability to see everything from a person he touches, which means he has to keep the world at a distance.

What power would you find it most difficult to live with and why? Want your name in a book? Best answer gets added to my next adult title.



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8 Responses to “Release Party ~ Hidden Gem ~ When are paranormal powers not cool?”

  1. Dreamer says:

    I’m very empathic so it will be a nightmare to me to have the power to feel everybody’s emotions.

  2. Kejara says:

    I’d love to have the power to be a fish(living half of the day in the sea) but, at the same time, I know it will be very difficult because I live in the mountains:)

  3. Andrea M says:

    For me, both the best and worst would be knowing the future. I’m in my 60′s now and want more than anything to see equal rights for everyone in this world. I’d love to be able to see into the future and know it will happen but I’m even more afraid that it won’t.

  4. alex says:

    Immortality will be the worst one, for me…seeing my love ones dying living me behind and alone..**shudders**

  5. BabyBarlow says:

    Mind reading will be the coolest power but nothing comes without consequences: reading a close friend’s thoughts and discovering that she/he isn’t as good to you as you thought. It will kill me inside.

  6. H.B. says:

    This made me think of Midas Touch. I would think any power that involved turning anything they touched into some other element would be a terrible burden.

  7. tea58 says:

    **thinking about it**
    OK! What about not feeling the physical pain? From one side, it would be great not feeling any kind of pain (bruises, scratches, etc..) but on the other side? It would be like being half dead. Pain is part of who we are and without it, we’re just flesh and bones.

  8. LissaKasey says:

    I think having spider webs coming from my hands would be pretty freaky. And a lot of people would not like me cause there is rampant spider hate everywhere.


    Great suggestions guys.

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