Release Party ~ Hidden Gem Free for all

September 26, 2014

I’m going to open up some time for you all to ask me whatever burning questions you might have. Could be as simple as to what color my socks are, to what are my plans for the next Gem book. Might even share a bit about the Dominion series if asked nicely. You can even ask about my YA titles. So here you go. What sort of questions are burning a hole in your gut?


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7 Responses to “Release Party ~ Hidden Gem Free for all”

  1. BabyBarlow says:

    what do you do on your spare time?

  2. alex says:

    what’s your fave book? Why?

  3. LissaKasey says:

    Baby -Spare time? what’s that? No seriously I do a lot of reading and I take pictures of my ball joint dolls.

    Alex – favorite book. That’s a hard one cause I read so much. For stand alone books probably Heroes and Ghosts by PA Payne because the sci fi thing and m/m is so cool and so rare. For series my favorite would be the Infected series by Andrea Speed. She makes me cry every time.

  4. Andrea M says:

    Please share about the Dominion series – I’ve been so patiently waiting for poor Gabe to get out of his predicament. Any idea when the next book will be out?

    Also, will Hidden Gems be a series? If so, any hints about the next one?

  5. tea58 says:

    do you always use the same artist for your books’ covers? How do you choose your covers?

  6. LissaKasey says:

    I hope to finish Sam’s book by the end of the year. Now the keyword there is hope. But it will be out next year. Not sure when, but that is my goal. It’s a very dark, very angsty book which I’m sure will piss people off. LOL. That should give me motivation right?

    Hidden Gem is the first of a new series. The next book will be about Paris and the third about Candy. I think the series name is Red Light Love but I could be wrong. I may also do novellas for Aki and Shane.

    And I’m currently finishing my first contemporary adult novel which I hope will be out next spring. Again another first in series (I love the characters too much to ever write stand alone books) That series is about a model turned PI after his brother’s unfortunate suicide.

  7. LissaKasey says:

    Tea – the publishers choose the cover artists. I just fill out a form that asks me questions about the book. Sometimes I have nothing to go on. Other times, like with the Hidden Gem, I had a picture that had inspired the character Aki, so I sent them the picture as reference.

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