Release Party-Who Would Date Death?

September 24, 2014

Okay, so we have talked about Death. Now let’s talk about his boyfriend Tommy Neilson. Tommy is a thirty-two year old lawyer living in New York City who is slated to die after being hit by a car. But everything changes when Death comes to kill him. Tommy sees Death, something that is not supposed to happen. Shocked, Death can’t kill Tommy and he lives, sending both of them on a long, winding journey from the weirdest friendship of all time to a romantic relationship that could stand the ultimate test of time.

So just what is it about Tommy that makes him the perfect man for Death? Well at first glance, not much. I mean, sure he is nice to look at and he has a nice job, but so do a lot of men. And he is caring and sweet, but a lot of guys are like that too.

I think so often with love the things that make two people connect are the things that we can’t really see at first. It is the chemistry between the two people that makes it special. The thing with Death is he is a little eccentric. He is hyperactive and feels things very deeply, both good and bad. Tommy acts as a rock for him. Once he gets over the shock that Death is, in fact, Death, he is remarkably cool-headed. He acts as a pillar of strength when Death has no bearings. And in turn, Death adds more life to Tommy’s existence than ever before.

It is that connection that makes the two of them click in a way that Death in hasn’t experienced in his two hundred thousand years of existence. And if you need more, don’t forget you can read all about their journey into love here.

So what about all of you? Do you have someone that you need in your life like Death comes to need Tommy? It doesn’t have to be a lover, but maybe a parent or a friend. Let me know in the comments!!



2 Responses to “Release Party-Who Would Date Death?”

  1. Juliana says:

    I’m sort of a loner so really I prefer spending my time by myself. I’m also single so no boyfriend I just can’t live without!

  2. SophieBonaste says:

    I am a loner too. I have a close circle of friends, but I totally understand being introverted.

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