Release Party-Let’s Talk about Death

September 24, 2014

So let’s talk about Death. Now I have already explained my Death is different than any the version of Death you have seen before. If you need some more proof, check out this awesome quote graphic made by the team at DSP.

Bonaste 1


And yes, that is a direct quote. So hopefully that will show everyone that my Death is somewhat unique. But that doesn’t mean my Death is the only special one out there. Personally, I have three versions of Death that I love and that helped to influence my Grim Reaper.

The first is one that probably everyone knows. I adore the Death from JK Rowling’s “The Tale of Three Brothers” which is a short story featured in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. The story follows three brothers who use magic to outwit Death. However, Death uses his wisdom to get two of the three brothers in the end. They did a fantastic job in the movie and showed Death as a more traditional Reaper, but with a great deal of intelligence like my creation. While this Death influenced mine the least, I think it is a great representation of what most people think of when they hear the word death, which is just as important as the vision I created.

The second is from the original Twilight Zone episode Nothing in the Dark. The story follows an old woman, played by Gladys Cooper, who has hidden in her house for years because she is convinced Death is a man who walks the Earth and kills his prey by stealthily changing his appearance. Because of this, the old woman hides in her home alone, convinced that Death will come for her otherwise. But when a young police officer, played by Robert Redford, is shot outside her house, she is forced to let some of the outside world in. And in the process, she is forced to face her fears of Mr. Death. This episode was the first shot of inspiration I got when I talked about creating a more human version of Death. They did not show Death in a black robe, but as a human with a heart and a soul. It was this humanity that helped inspire my story.

And the final version of Death I love was from the 2002 reboot of The Twilight Zone. The episode is called “One Night at Mercy” and features Jason Alexander as a Death who hates his job. This was another version of Death being portrayed as a human. But this Death, unlike the last one, showed how hard it must be to kill all of those people. Alexander portrays a Death that is worn down from his job and tries unsuccessfully to kill himself. My Death is much happier than this, but I tried to show how hard it must be to kill all of those people. A lot of my scenes dealing with Death’s job were partially inspired by this episode.

So those are my favorite versions of Death. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!


6 Responses to “Release Party-Let’s Talk about Death”

  1. Stella says:

    I don’t know why (lol) I’m thinking about Meet Joe Black. I was 11 years old when it came out and I bought the VHS with my monthly pocket money

  2. SophieBonaste says:

    Oh, yeah! That’s a good one, Stella!

  3. John Amory says:

    My favorite is The Seventh Seal, the Ingmar Bergman film where a medieval knight plays a game of chess with Death.

  4. SophieBonaste says:

    Hi John! I haven’t seen that one yet. I will have to check it out.

  5. Juliana says:

    Haha, well Death on Family Guy was pretty funny!

  6. SophieBonaste says:

    Thanks Juliana!

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