“Death Gets a Boyfriend” Release Day Party

September 24, 2014

Hello Readers! My name is Sophie Bonaste and I am taking over the DSP blog today to celebrate the release of my new novella “Death Gets a Boyfriend”. I am so excited to chat with everyone today. Before we start off, I want to introduce everyone to my story which you can buy here. Here is the amazing cover which was done by Christy Caughie:




And here is the blurb:

Death is in a lonely business. Since the beginning of time he’s been reaping souls then returning home to his little condo in the sky. It’s not a bad job. There are perks. But Death would kill to meet his soul mate, no pun intended.

Tommy Neilson is the next human slated for death. But when he can see Death, Tommy turns his whole world upside down. Curious, Death seeks Tommy out. The chemistry between the two is immediate and soon an unlikely romance starts to form. While Death may not be lonely anymore, he isn’t allowed to interact with humans. Consequently, he must make a choice: billions of souls or the one that makes being immortal worth it.


So what does everyone think so far? Sound interesting? Well, if not I have a little piece of information that might peak your interest. It isn’t perfectly clear in the blurb, but I want to stress that this book is actually a comedy.

Yes, I said comedy.

I know it is a little strange to think that a story about the embodiment of Death would be funny, but it is. Death is not your typical Grim Reaper. He is just a lovable guy with a big mouth and a crappy job. Not scary. That might even sound like some of you wonderful people reading this.

However, because this book is a comedy, it breaks a lot of the preconceived notions about Death. I tried to create a new face for the Grim Reaper and develop a happier version of the scary guy in a black hooded robe. In short, my Death breaks all the molds.

So what about you? Did you ever read a story or see a movie that changed how you looked at the world? What are your first impressions of “Death Gets a Boyfriend”? Let me know in the comments below!!

8 Responses to ““Death Gets a Boyfriend” Release Day Party”

  1. Susan says:

    I think RL is grim enough that a comedy about the Grim Reaper sounds great to me!

  2. SophieBonaste says:

    Thanks, Susan! Comedies are great for making real life better!

  3. Trix says:

    I’d usually stay away from death themes, but comedy is a big plus! (Although, come to think of it, I did love the show REAPER back in the day…)

  4. SophieBonaste says:

    Hi Trix! I knew writing about the Grim Reaper would be a little bit of a sketchy idea. But he took over my brain and forced me to write this story. And he is a lovable guy. I just hope that everyone can love him as much as I do. Even though he is Death.

  5. Andrea M says:

    From what I’ve read, this looks like a funny book and I want to read more.

  6. SophieBonaste says:

    Thanks, Andrea! Well, I am here until 7 PM EST and then I am taking over the DSP Twitter account so stay tuned for a lot more snippets of “Death Gets a Boyfriend”. Or you could just buy the book ;-)

  7. Stella says:

    Hi Sophie! Congrats on your new release, Death Gets a Boyfriend sounds really good, I haven’t read something like this before and I am happy to know it’s a comedy.

  8. SophieBonaste says:

    Thanks, Stella! I would like to think my story is unique and funny. I just hope all of my readers agree!

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