All in a Day’s Work Release Party – Therese Woodson

September 22, 2014


To celebrate the release of the “All in a Day’s Work”, many of our anthology’s authors will be joining us today to share their thoughts on the release and their story.


Hi everyone! Therese Woodson here and I’m ready to talk about my contribution to the All In A Day’s Work anthology called Not Quite 1776.

Blurb: As a historical interpreter for a living history museum, Henry spends his days doling out facts about the American Revolution while wearing breeches and a tricorne hat. When he’s not working, he’s a serial flirt with a long string of one-night stands in his wake, never allowing anyone to get too close.

However, when a reenactment group comes to town for the weekend, Henry meets Owen, a private in George Washington’s army. After an intense encounter in Owen’s tent in the encampment, Henry breaks his self-imposed rule by seeing Owen again. It is clear Owen would be open to more between them, and Henry is falling hard in spite of himself. The trouble is Henry’s never been in a relationship and isn’t sure where to begin.

A replica Army encampment

As the blurb says, Henry and Owen are historical reenactors and they share a night of passion in Owen’s tent pitched in the Army encampment. Since many of the details are based on the two years I spent as an eighteenth-century interpreter at a living history museum, I can tell you that those tents are not only tiny, but also placed close together. The picture above says it all.  It would be very difficult for their encounter to go unnoticed, even though they give it a valiant  effort.


Owen had lied. The tent was tiny, barely large enough for one man and his things, just as a private’s tent in the Revolutionary Army would have been. Neither of them would be able to stand up straight in it. And it didn’t afford much in the way of privacy. Made of canvas, the tent was literally a white triangle with flaps that tied from the inside to close the ends. A small battery-operated lantern hung from the apex. Owen reached inside and flipped it on, illuminating the small space with a yellow glow.

“Can you be quiet?” Owen asked as he pressed his lips to Henry’s. He clumsily worked the buttons open on Henry’s vest.

Henry shuddered. “Depends. Do you fuck as good as you look? If so, you might have to gag me.”

He kicked off his buckled shoes. Costuming would have a fit if they saw him do that because it stretched the leather, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He just wanted to get naked as quickly as possible and inside the tent before anyone saw him.

“Fuck,” Owen whispered. “I think I have some cloth you can bite down on.”

A group of reenactors


tom mison as ichabod
Breeches are in! Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in eighteenth-century dress

Author bio:

Therese Woodson is a wife, mother of two (soon to be three), and writer of stories, who lives in the mountains of North Carolina. She is an avid reader of all literature. She holds two degrees—one in Psychology and one in English Literature and hopes to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing in the near future. She is a fan of watching bad television shows, superhero movies, and anything sci-fi. She loves creating interesting characters, universes, and plots with happy endings.

Twitter: @writer_reese


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