All in a Day’s Work Release Party – Shae Connor

September 22, 2014


To celebrate the release of the “All in a Day’s Work”, many of our anthology’s authors will be joining us today to share their thoughts on the release and their story.


Rainbows, Unicorns, and Ice Cream Dreams
By Shae Connor

The original idea for “Ice Cream Dreams,” my story in the All in the Day’s Work anthology, came from a discussion with friends in my former fandom during a trip to New York. We ate a delicious lunch at macaroni and cheese restaurant S’Mac in the East Village, then wandered down the street for dessert at Big Gay Ice Cream. The shop, which is decked out in rainbows and unicorns, offers an eclectic menu of soft-serve ice cream recipes with names like Salty Pimp (with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate shell), Bea Arthur (dulce de leche and crushed vanilla wafers), and American Globs (pretzels, sea salt, and chocolate shell).

The story idea that popped up back then would have had the characters meeting over opposite sides of the counter at a New York shop based closely on Big Gay Ice Cream. Shortly after that is when I moved into original fiction, though, so the story sat in a folder until the discussion of a workplace-based anthology came up. I took that seed of an idea and reworked it to fit, adding a chef to the mix to make it an even foodier story. Gage, Loren, and “Ice Cream Dreams” were the result.

The ice cream flavor ideas came up on the fly, as I was writing the first draft. Some were based on flavors I’d seen featured on television food shows or in magazines, and some were totally off the cuff. I did some research on South American foods for the dishes and drink Loren makes for Gage, and in general, I made myself hungry every time I worked on the story.

So, in summary: next time you’re in New York, be sure to hit up S’Mac, and then head over to Big Gay Ice Cream and have a Salty Pimp. Be sure to tell them Shae sent you. It won’t mean anything to them, but they’ll give you some damn good ice cream anyway.


Big Gay Ice Cream:


Author bio:

Shae Connor lives in Atlanta, where she’s a lackadaisical government worker for a living and writes sweet-hot romance under the cover of night. She’s been making things up for as long as she can remember, but it took her a long time to figure out that maybe
she should try writing them down. She’s conned several companies into publishing her work and adds a new notch on her bedpost each time another story is unleashed onto an unsuspecting universe.

Shae is part Jersey, part Irish, and all Southern, which explains why she never shuts up. You can find her hanging out on Twitter most any time @shaeconnor, but for the more direct route, you can email her at or visit her website at



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