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September 22, 2014


To celebrate the release of the “All in a Day’s Work”, many of our anthology’s authors will be joining us today to share their thoughts on the release and their story.


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I’ve never had a workplace romance myself, but they’ve always intrigued me. Since a lot of the places I’ve worked over the years have discouraged (or outright forbidden) coworker relationships, romances between cubicle mates have been developed forbidden fruit appeal for me. And since I’m very happily married—and work from home, to boot—the only way to get my fix is vicariously.

Luckily, others seem to share my fascination. We’ve put together a fabulous collection of workplace romance tales—from sweet to steamy—in All in a Day’s Work. Every story in the book hits a different note, and they’re all great.

For me, it was a lot of fun to explore a workplace romance through an additional lens of scrutiny by making the characters actors. The combination of forbidden romance and all of the boundless speculation of an active show fandom practically wrote itself. (Which was fortunate, since I lost a day to all the “research” about how fans speculate about suspected relationships between cast members on Tumblr. Seriously, has anyone ever successfully just viewed a single page on Tumblr without falling down the rabbit hole?)

Troy, one of the main characters in My OTP, shares my Tumblr fascination. He makes a habit of checking it several times a day to scope out photos of his costar (and secret hook-up) Ryder. It’s adorable, especially since his obsession isn’t exactly one-sided.


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 Troy Casley and Ryder Hamilton cohost a popular myth-debunking reality television show, and their    on-air chemistry is a big part of the show’s huge fan base. Fans have long suspected there’s more between them than just friendship, and most posts on Tumblr about them are accompanied with exclamation points and the tag OTP— One True Pairing. Little do the fans know, but they’re on to something. Troy and Ryder have been having a secret affair for months.

But Troy wants more than just a casual relationship with Ryder. Like their hardcore fans, he wants Ryder to be his OTP. When Ryder discovers the social media sites where Troy obsessively reads about them, his reaction just might surprise Troy.

My OTP by Bru Baker in All in a Day’s Work

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll be a supporting author at GRL this year! I have some great swag to give away, so hunt me down if you’re attending. (And don’t fret if you’re not—I’ll be saving some of  it to give away on Twitter when I’m promoting my next two releases, Late Bloomer and The Magic of Weihnachten, both of which will be out in December.)


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Bru Baker is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. Fiction makes her happiest, whether it’s creating herown characters or getting caught up in someone else’s. She and her husband live in the Midwest with their two young children, whose antics make finding time to write difficult but never let life get boring.

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  1. Susan says:

    I had an office affair, which turned out to be a bad idea, especially as I was the one to leave the job. I hope yours ends better than mine!

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