A Tooth for a Fang Release Party: The glorious entrance… :D

September 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

I’m Liv Olteano, and this is my first time spamificating the awesome DSP blog *mwahahahaha* It’s a pleasure to meet everyone!

I guess I should properly introduce myself since it’s my first time here, right? I’m a total techy geek, I’d gadget-ize the living hell out of everything around me. Step two would be to customize the living hell out of all the gadgets around, haha. I’m hopelessly romantic, but I have a quirky way of showing it. Okay, who am I kidding, I’m quirky by large. And proud of it, too! It’s quirks that make us each interesting :D
I merrily unleash my geekdom upon any and all unsuspecting victims. I take great pride in my geekdom :D And, for now, you guys are my victims *mwahahaha*
Am I the only one totally in lurve with gadgets and customizations here? You guys love them too, right? Right? :D

I’m SO excited to be here today! We’ll chat, hopefully also about my first full-length novel that came out just yesterday with Dreamspinner Press, A Tooth for a Fang, available in ebook and paperback. It’s an Adult Mystery/Suspense Paranormal Romance that features two badass and somewhat snarky guys, Rick and Travis, and the love story that develops between them as they’re trying to catch a killer. It’s a bumpy road to their happy ending, because… well, I’m not spoiling it. :) I am hoping you’ll join them on the road to it, hehe.
So, snarky, somewhat smartass characters – I kind of love them as a reader, do you?

I thought we’d celebrate together the fact that Rick and Travis are now at large, unleashing their charm (possibly also wreaking havoc…) with a fun Rafflecopter giveaway for one ebook copy of the novel, open internationally of course.
The one condition to entering the giveaway is you either have to have or get a free DSP store account, and if you win, the ebook will magically appear in your account’s shelf.
You’ll gain entries by answering one or all of the questions on the Rafflecopter. Keep in mind there’s no wrong answer to any of them, simply choices :) These are situations that may or may not be related to the story, hehe. Sounds like fun? I hope it will be.
Here’s a little more about the novel, and you’ll find the Rafflecopter form right below that. Don’t have a Rafflecopter account? No worries, simply sign in with a valid email address and a name, I’ll use that email address to contact you if you’re the winner, so make sure it’s a good one, eh?

Three days. Three dead bodies. One newly turned, broken-hearted lycan tracker to figure out the connection.

The one summer Rick Barton takes a vacation, all hell breaks loose. Running from an abusive relationship leads him into the arms of hard-nosed lycan Travis Chandler, who gives him little choice but to become a lycan too and join the Paranormal Bureau of Investigation. Out of options, Rick joins the weird organization, expecting some two weeks of training and an adjustment period. Tough luck, he doesn’t get either. On his first day, his new partner offers to promote him to field agent if they get mated—less time wasted on training, more time on the field, and considering Rick is the only tracker the Bureau has on hand when a wave of strange murders hits the community, time is of the essence.

Someone’s killing the leaders of the paranormal world and mutilating the bodies. Investigating and tracking clues is enough of a challenge, and Rick must contend with an impatient Council, Travis’s advances, and actually adjusting to being a lycan. Only one thing is certain: Rick’s new life promises plenty of interesting adventures—as long as he can survive.
ISBN-13 978-1-63216-037-9
Pages 216
Get it from DSP: ebook | paperback
Cover Artist AngstyG

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Not seeing the Rafflecopter form? Click here to see it in a new window :)

I’m coming back in a couple hours with a couple excerpts to properly introduce Rick and Travis, later on we’ll put together a playlist for them, and if you’ll wanna help me I’d totally love it, and later still we’ll announce the giveaway winner and wrap up.
Sounds like fun? Purrfect! See you guys in a couple hours!
Hey, I did say I plan on spamificating… :D

29 Responses to “A Tooth for a Fang Release Party: The glorious entrance… :D”

  1. Alex says:

    Hi!!! **waves hands**
    I’m so happy to chat with you!! Just finished your rafflecopter giveaway!! First of all, Congrats for this new release!!

  2. LivOlteano says:

    Hey Alex!
    I’m thrilled to spamifica… cr-cram, I mean chat with you :D Hehe, glad to hear it. And thanks so much!

  3. Alex says:

    Gadgets, vamps, killers? I’m all in!!!

  4. Sula says:

    Hi all, join in with paranormal virtual waves :D

    I have a DsP account and I just answered your rafflecopter questions. Went with my gut instinct and I love the cover, the story and I look forward to reading more about Rick & Travis….

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Sula **waves**

  6. Alex says:

    **facepalm** Lycan NO Vamps **shakes her head** Sorry…it’s late in here and my brain isn’t working

  7. H.B. says:

    Hi Liv! Congrats on the release of your book. It sounds great. I loved the questions you had on the rafflecopter giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of your book.

  8. LivOlteano says:

    Awesome! Hope you had fun with the questions, hehe, I know it’s gonna be interesting to check out the answers :D Love to cover too, AngstyG did a fab job, right?
    They’re looking forward to your reading more about them too :D

  9. LivOlteano says:

    Oh, no worries, it’s gonna be quite late over here too! Besides, Vamps are always welcome to any party, right? :D

  10. LivOlteano says:

    Hey, H.B.!
    Thanks! I wanted to go with some fun questions, hope I nailed it…so to speak, lol.
    Good luck!

  11. Alex says:

    Vamps are always welcome!!! **in love**

  12. Trix says:

    I do like a good smartass, if he’s gleeful and fun about it instead of just needlessly mean…

  13. LivOlteano says:

    **joins the vampwove**
    Buuut I’m loving all paranormals :D

  14. LivOlteano says:

    Hey Trix!
    Agreed, I don’t like needlessly mean either.

  15. Alex says:

    Ok Liv…let’s make a list because I adore everything about the Supernatural world..
    1) Witches
    2) Vamps
    3) Shifters
    4) Fairies

    Soooo…what’s your fave Tv series? I’m talking about Paranormals’ one.
    1) Charmed
    2) Supernatural
    3) True Blood, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries(I love LJ Smith)

  16. LivOlteano says:

    Omg, lists!! *flails*
    I’d probably go into a fit right now trying to pick favs, but I will say I’d like to show some love to creatures who don’t get much lovin’ that often… liiiiike, trolls, and ogres, and all manner of scaly things :D

    With you on the TV shows, plus some Teen Wolf (because Derek…*purr~purr*)

  17. Alex says:

    Do you like Being Human? I only had the chance to watch the British version and I loved it <3

  18. LivOlteano says:

    God, yes!!! The first 3 I think seasons, with the initial trio :D Purrrr purrr, Mitchell… :D
    Loved another one, but it was short sadly, Blood Ties. And Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers because *faints*

    I’m so unleashing my geekdom here … *blush*

  19. Alex says:

    I still havent had the chance to watch Blood Ties nor Dracula (not aired in Italy, yet) :( (((
    What about people with powers? I love those books/tv shows..or books/tv series like Fringe? Yeah..Joshua Jackson drives me crazy **in love**

  20. Alex says:

    Unfortunately, I have to go, now:( It’s almost 11pm in here and I have to get up early tomorrow (5am)..It has been great chatting you, Liv. Congrats again for your new release! Good night <3

  21. LivOlteano says:

    Love Fringe too :D Didn’t watch episodes properly, iFail, but I liked the ones I did get to see!
    Also, Lost Girl. For the win.

  22. H.B. says:

    Just wanted to recommend a show since you all made a list. I’be just recently gotten into this show called The Strain. It involves vampires but their not the glamorous ones we’re use to seeing in movies like Interview with a vampire or those in True Blood. The concept is awesome and these vampires remind me a bit of Resident Evil 4( the game not movie).

  23. LivOlteano says:

    H.B. , didn’t try that one (yet :D ), but I will check it out. It’s the one with the eye on the poster, isn’t it? With the thing going through? **shudders**
    I did love the trailer, I saw that somewhere, somehow… awesome addition to our list. Diversity for the win, in vampire fandom and all things :D

  24. Andrea M says:

    This sounds like a great book – congratulations!

  25. LivOlteano says:

    Andrea M, thanks so much!

  26. H.B. says:

    I’m not sure about the poster with the eye. But I think the one I saw had like a person or thing coming out of murky reddish water. It’s really good and the format of the show makes me think of Fringe.

  27. LivOlteano says:

    Well now, H.B., I waaanna watch The Strain, lol!

  28. Trix says:

    I watch LOST GIRL (though my hopes aren’t high for the upcoming season–last year it faltered a bit), and I like THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS (even though I can’t tell how quickly it will progress). My favorite paranormal was the short-lived REAPER–totally hysterical and clever show with Ray Wise as Satan.

  29. LivOlteano says:

    Shhh, don’t tell me Lost Girl goes downhill, lol, Trix! I’m not up to date with it. Somehow, most of the shows tend to go downhill at some point, sigh.
    Didn’t watch The Almighty Johnsons, but I did see quite a few Reaper episodes :D Hilarious, loved Ray Wise as Satan, he was my fav from the show!

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