An Interview With Scott

September 2, 2014

Okay, in desperation I’ve decided to talk to Scott. Considering how this day has gone, I’m not sure how long this will last.

AS: Hi Scott.

Scott: Hello. What did you want to talk to me about?

AS: I thought I’d do an interview, as a way of promoting the new story.

Scott: Oh. Why talk to me, though? Shouldn’t you talk to Roan, or Holden?

AS: Don’t you think I’ve tried? Roan’s grumpy and Holden’s just being difficult for no reason.

Scott: You realize you just described their dominant personality traits?

AS: … Damn it.

Scott: I mean, you should have known going in that they’d be trouble. That’s what they do. They’re trouble personified.

AS: And you aren’t? You’re a hockey player.

Scott: Which doesn’t make me trouble. It makes me suspect, and quite possibly brain damaged and/or drunk, depending on the time of day and what I’m doing.

AS: It’s good to know you have a sense of humor.

Scott: I have to. I have a very weird life.

AS: And you’re dating Holden.

Scott: It depends on what you consider dating. Holden would probably deny that.

AS: And you?

Scott: We’re dating. But we’re dating weird. It’s an open, half-assed relationship, because Den doesn’t know what he wants, and I’ve … got issues.

AS: The whole in the closet thing?

Scott: I hate the term “in the closet”. I prefer to think I’m “in the locker”.

AS: Athletes are coming out more and more these days. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a career.

Scott: Yes, but they’re gay. I’m bi. Even people accepting of gays can be really weird about us bis. Especially us guys.

AS: Nobody said it was easy.

Scott: Now I know why everybody’s been walking out of your interviews.

AS: Did I sound callous?

Scott: A bit. *Scott’s phone rings* Shit, it’s my agent. Gotta go.

Well, at least he actually answered a question or two.

Now I’m going to open this up. Ask me any question you want. Comments on the series? Complaints? A good recipe for a non-dairy smoothie? Ask away!

4 Responses to “An Interview With Scott”

  1. Tame Adams says:

    One of the many MANY things I love about this series is how intelligent Roan is. Books, music, people, sleuthing, science…when he talks, or just thinks, it is as if he has tapped into another 20-30% of the brain & made it active & real. So what if he takes Percocet with alcohol? if i were using more than 10% of my brain & had to shift/partially shift, I’d set up a central line in my right jugular vein & pump away! Roan is the reason why I now carry around a dictionary & Shazam all his music choices. *Shrugs* I guess I’m a Roan fangirl, guilty as charged.

  2. andreaspeed says:

    Roan is gifted – and cursed? – with a very restless mind. I think he actually tried to figure out the virus himself at some point, and gave up, but would never admit it. (Because he still hates admitting failure.)

  3. jenny says:

    When you said ‘figure out the virus himself’ i suddenly got this mental image of meditation/communing with the virus…but that’d be more Dylan’s thing, yeah?

  4. andreaspeed says:

    It would, but I don’t imagine he’d do that. Dylan knows when he’s beaten.

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