An Interview With Roan

September 2, 2014

In honor of the release of Infected: The Long Weekend (and the temporary hiatus of the rest of the Infected titles – look for the re-release in October), I thought I’d check in with some of the characters in the Infected universe. First up, the man at the center of it all, Roan.

eyebigAS: So how’re you doing, Roan?

Roan: Do you want me to respond with a typical answer, or the truth?

AS: That bad, huh?

Roan: No, everything’s great. I could have an aneurysm that’ll kill me any second now, and some jackass on YouTube is accumulating all the amateur footage of me into a timeline, but I’m fabulous.

AS: At least you’re looking on the bright side.

(Roan glares.)

AS: So, um … wrestled any big cats lately?

Roan: I think you need to talk to someone else.

AS: Come on. How’s Dylan?

Roan: Very Zen. And wise enough to be too busy for an interview.

AS: You love it and you know it.

Roan: Have you forgotten who you’re talking to?

AS: Oh, right. I think I meant that for Holden.

Roan: In that case, I’ll answer for him. Yes, he loves it.

AS: What’s “it”?

Roan: Whatever you’ve got. Now, he might be just telling you that because that’s what you want to hear, but you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

AS: How did he end up your assistant anyways? He wasn’t exactly in a legal profession.

Roan: He’s observant, he’s as slippery as a greased otter, and he can keep a secret like nobody’s business.

AS: Greased otter? Do you mean the animal or the person?

Roan: Does it make a difference?

AS: I guess not. Although now I’m wondering what secrets you’re keeping.

Roan: Keep wondering.’Cause this interview’s over.

Oh well. Maybe Holden will be more forthcoming.

But now it’s your chance to ask Roan some questions! Ask him anything. Keep in mind he is a smart ass (and also, apparently grumpy).

9 Responses to “An Interview With Roan”

  1. Jane wilkinson says:

    Roan, if you could choose a career to have, not something that’s been thrust upon you, what would it be?

  2. andreaspeed says:

    Stunt man. That’s not sarcasm. I was kind of fascinated with the idea of it as a kid … but being infected, it isn’t like anyone would insure me for such a thing, or that I’d live long enough to do it. Also, how many redheaded action stars can you name?

    I feel now I should have said writer and left it at that. Or porn star. Why not both?

  3. Jane wilkinson says:

    Roan, I think stuntman would suit you just fine, but hey go for the pornstar thing thing too. I love red heads!

  4. Jane wilkinson says:

    Oh hell, please don’t tell Dylan I suggested that x

  5. Tame Adams says:

    Hi Roan. In my opinion, a writing porn star would be a unique career. My questions: how tall are you? How tall is Dylan? Your presence is…legion.

  6. andreaspeed says:

    I swear, my high depends on the day – or what the author can remember. (Glares in writer’s direction.) I believe I’m generally five’ nine though. Dylan’s five’ ten, so we’re well matched in that sense. In every other, I think he outclasses me.

  7. jenny says:

    Hey Roan! What’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had?

  8. andreaspeed says:

    Hmm. Deliberately funny, or only funny to me? Seeing a hypocrite brutally revealed as a hypocrite is always a hoot. So anything bad that ever happened to Eli pretty much counts. (Maybe not the very last time, though. That was hard on Fi.)

  9. jenny says:

    Yeah, Eli was practically asking to be infected at the rate he was going. So! Best weapon of mass destruction you wish you could throw at your enemies (gay-bashers, kitty-bashers, etc)?

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