An Interview With Holden

September 2, 2014

For the next interview, I decided to talk to a more verbose character, Holden. Surely he’ll play along.

AS: Howdy Holden.

Holden: Howdy? What, are we on Hee Haw all of the sudden?

AS: That reference kind of dates you.

Holden: Does it? I’d think it dates you more than me.

AS: Don’t turn this around on me and go all meta.

Holden: Why not?

AS: Because we’re promoting the new story here, and the eventual relaunch of the books.

Holden: How tedious. If I knew you wanted me to sell something I would have charged you. Ass, gas, or grass, baby, nobody rides for free, as the wise old bumper sticker says.

AS: You’re deliberately misinterpreting me.

Holden: Am I? I don’t think so.

AS: Stop doing that.

Holden: Doing what?

AS: Doing that Holden thing, where you act cagey and start talking circles around people. This is a simple interview. Just answer the questions.

Holden: What questions?

AS: When – okay. Why work with Roan? You generally live on the other side of the law.

Holden: And why do you assume Roan is such a goody two shoes? Did he strike you as a Boy Scout?

AS: No, but –

Holden: And by extension, is being a hundred percent legal always a good thing? People can get away with some remarkably shitty things, and yet they can be technically legal. Especially if you’re rich. They have a special set of laws.

AS: That’s really cynical.

Holden: And yet true. Speaking of which, are you going to pay me for my time or not?

AS: What? No. It’s just a –

(Holden gets up and leaves.)

Well, I’m 0 for two. I wonder if any of my characters will talk to me.

Anyways, here’s another chance for me to ask you a question. Which if any character in the Infected universe deserves their own spin-off? (And you can say Holden if you want, but I think he’s getting one, whether he like it or not.)  Why? What would you like to read in that book?

4 Responses to “An Interview With Holden”

  1. Jane wilkinson says:

    Oh crap, now I have to go reread all the minor characters that I would want more from. I always want more Dylan, but maybe, some of the hockey guys

  2. Tame Adams says:

    Let’s see…Dylan, Tank, Scott, Kevin (he needs some type of happiness)…

  3. LisaM says:

    Yeah, definitely Holden and Scott! I love those Hockey boys, Tank especially

  4. andreaspeed says:

    Kevin! He’s showing up in the Holden spin off (Scott too). But I agree, Kevin needs some happiness. And I would love to write a spin-off all about Tank, Scott, and Grey on a road trip. Nothing but trouble.

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