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August 20, 2014


This is something I’ll be talking about quite a bit over the next few weeks on my blog tour. I get my inspiration from lots of different things. It could be the lyrics of a song, or from someone or something that I see. It might be from my own experience. For instance, an idea for a future story is based on a young guy who has escaped from a situation involving domestic violence, which is something I went through many years ago – and happily escaped from.

The inspiration for Conflicted came from my own love of all things motor. I’m a bit of a tomboy and I love cars and motorcycles. I have a lovely sporty car and am a member of an owners club, so I get to do some of the things that Greg and Paul do in the book. I attend car shows and exhibit my car and I enjoy watching drag racing at a nearby venue. Going to these types of events gave me the idea for the book and because I’d already been to so many of them, I didn’t have to do much in the way of research.

I chose two of my favourite car models for Greg and Paul – a yellow Nissan R33 Skyline for Greg and a black Ford Capri for Paul. My first two cars were Ford Capris, so although Paul complains about not having much money and having to buy a wreck to fix up, he does love the car really.

Greg's carPaul's car

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You might not be an enthusiast, but maybe you have a favourite car too? My pride and joy is a Mitsubishi FTO affectionately known as Ed (the silver car pictured).


Question: What model of car do you like and why?

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