Louise Lyons – Conflicted character interview

August 20, 2014

Now for an interview with one of my main characters. I thought you might like to meet Greg Buchanan and find out a little more about him. I would have liked to get Paul here as well, but he can be a bad-tempered individual and he doesn’t like talking about himself.

Greg Buchanan:- So I’m second best? Thanks, Louise, that really makes a guy feel special. *laughs* I’m just kidding.

LL:- Well, I know you have a sense of humor. So, where shall we start? When did you first meet Paul?

GB:- It was a couple of years before the first events in Conflicted. The Buchanans adopted me when I was seventeen, so it’s six years since I moved to Stockton.

LL:- What led to you being adopted by the family?

GB:- I’d been living on the streets after my parents died. I ran into trouble when I found some money someone had dropped and another guy thought he’d rather have it for his next fix than let me eat. I got stabbed and I ended up in hospital. Mum…I mean Agnes Buchanan, was doing charity work in the hospital and she was determined to help me out. I was pretty lucky.

LL:- They are a lovely family. I know you went to school with your adoptive brother and sister, Jamie and Janice. Did you meet Paul in school?

GB:- No, he was expelled before I got there. *sniggers* Fighting, can you believe that? Anyway, I ran into a few of his friends at school, but I didn’t meet him until, maybe three years later. I had my first car – an orange TVR Cerbera. Loved that beast – I was gutted when it got smashed up. I’m getting side-tracked. I went along to a car show with Jamie and Janice and Dad. Paul and his friends were there. He didn’t even have a car then and he was acting like a complete idiot, just being loud and getting in people’s faces.

LL:- Jumping forward to the first car event in Conflicted, how did you feel about Paul damaging Jamie’s car?

GB:- Well, I didn’t know it was him at the time. Jamie was heartbroken. He’d only had the BMW about five minutes and then to find it with scratches all down the side – I know how I’d have felt if it was my car. I wanted to punch whoever did it. But I only found out Paul was responsible when he confessed to me. I was pretty shocked, but he felt bad about it and he apologized to Jamie and offered to pay for the damage, so I let it go.

LL:- Just like that?

GB:- Well…um…I was sort of…getting fond of him by then. *reddens and coughs* He did the right thing by owning up and saying sorry. He realized how childish and spiteful it was.

LL:- Tell us what happened when you first saw Paul in Lambert’s, the gay bar you both went to.

GB:- *laughs* That was pretty funny. No one knew about me then and when I saw him, I initially cringed, because I thought he’d run off and tell everyone about Greg Buchanan being gay. And then I thought – wait a minute – what’s he doing in here? He was about to walk over to some bloke he’d been gawking at and he saw me and changed direction, so he obviously didn’t want his secret getting out either. He looked pretty annoyed about it, as if I’d ruined his night just by being there.

LL:- So what happened next?

GB:- Um…well…we talked. We hadn’t had a conversation since we got in that fight at the car show you asked me about earlier. I felt awful about the crash and Paul’s friend and everything. I couldn’t help thinking maybe I was responsible. So I told Paul I was sorry for what happened. I thought he still blamed me and I could tell he was really cut up about it.

LL:- Could you tell us what made you keep going back to Paul after the first time you “hooked up”? You said yourself that he was hard work.

GB:- Ha ha, well he was really hard work. He’d never had a proper relationship and he was determined to keep it that way. I think he was telling that to himself as much as he was me. When Abby and Stu, who he lodges with, went away for a week and he had the house to himself, he decided we’d have some fun…you know, the cats are away so the mice can play, type of thing. When they came back, that would be the end of it. It didn’t turn out quite like that though, I’m happy to say.

LL:- Was it difficult telling your family about Paul?

GB:- Not as difficult as I expected. It was quite funny to see Jamie and Janice’s reactions to me getting it on with one of the enemy, so to speak.

LL:- One final question. How do you feel about what Paul’s doing now?

GB:- I’m incredibly proud of him and I’m not just saying that because I love him. He’s starting to be successful and he’s grown a lot. He’s more open, at least with me and his close friends. He’s much less angry too, as if that huge chip he had on his shoulder has melted away.

LL:- Well, a lot of that is down to you, Greg. Thank you for talking to me today. I wish you and Paul all the happiness in the world.

GB:- Thanks a lot. Now, all you people out there make sure you buy the book and find out what me and Paul get up to! *smiles winningly* Louise will post the links below again.

eBook – http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5329

Paperback – http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5330

Question: I hope you all enjoyed meeting Greg. Is there a question any of you would like to ask me or Greg, relating to Conflicted?


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  1. Wade Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed reading your interview. Quite clever. :) Thank you for sharing it! I wish you the best of luck with your first novel!

  2. louiselyons says:

    Hi Wade, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for your good wishes! :)

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