A Taste of Honey Release Party – Lillian Francis

August 19, 2014

Have you ever seen that one chiller cabinet at the supermarket? The one where everyone is crowded around if you get there at just the right time.

The cheapie shelf. That’s what it is called in my family.

Stacks of fresh and chilled produce that according to the sell by date will become totally inedible at the stroke of midnight.

Maybe you seen it but never gotten close enough, not brave enough to fight your way through the crowd. What types of people are jostling for the best position at the shelves?

I’m quick to fill my basket with things that can be frozen for use at a later date or a sweet treat for after our dinner that night.

My stepdad claims he hasn’t paid the original marked price for a leg of lamb in years.

The smelly man in too many layers who drives all but the most determined bargain hunters away.

The elderly couple, discreetly counting out their pennies to see if they can afford that reduced price joint of meat.

Or are some people there more altruistic than the rest of us, picking up the treasures for the benefit of others.

And that is where the seeds for this story were planted. Curiosity about my fellow scavengers.
Maybe I even saw the hairy mountain man that would become Finn. I honestly can’t remember, but he came to me pretty much fully formed, just waiting for a name and a back story.

They say inspiration can come from anywhere. A trip to the supermarket? Who’d have thought it.

- Lillian Francis, author of “Barefoot” in A Taste of Honey

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7 Responses to “A Taste of Honey Release Party – Lillian Francis”

  1. H.B. says:

    It sounds like a good premise and I look forward to seeing how you weaved your story around this particular inspiration.

  2. ardent ereader says:

    Hi Lillian, thanks for sharing the seeds of your short story. Look forward to reading the anthology.

  3. Susan says:

    I’ve never seen this in the parts of the US I’ve lived in (8 states and counting). Still, might make for an interesting story.

  4. JenCW says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration. :-)

  5. Thanks for your comments.

    Susan – my story is set in the UK. Perhaps the concept of the ‘cheapie shelf’ is exclusive to us Brits :)

  6. Katherine H says:

    We have those here, they’re kind of buried though in the back of the store? And not always in the same spot. Another Britishism LOL I have bought things off it once or twice, a dented canned good here and there.

    Great post :D

  7. Wow, what an interesting inspiration for a story! My supermarket has a pretty big “cheapie shelf” and it’s where I buy all those fancy gourmet chocolate bars I refuse to pay $7 for.;)

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