A Taste of Honey Release Party – John Genest

August 19, 2014

It was wonderful to receive a Call for Submission from B.g. Thomas for “A Taste of Honey” and even better to have my story chosen among the contributions of many talented writers for this Bear anthology. Of course, for Dreamspinner’s “gay romantic fiction,” I had to tone things down a bit from my previous efforts.

I wanted to write about something of great relevance to Bears and decided, drawing upon personal experience, to have my protagonist go for a sleep study to see if he needed a CPAP machine. Timely topic, yes, but what’s romantic about it? Guess it depends upon who’s conducting the study, as seen in this excerpt from my story “Just Breathe”:

Grabbing the remote and propping himself up near the headboard, Will remembered Friday was a shitty night for TV. That’s because people with lives and loves are out doing something fun to celebrate tonight. Jeez, even my mom’s going to Bingo after she feeds my cat. He flipped through the channels on the cable guide and was wondering if they had more than basic when there was a knock at the door.

Turning it off, he said, “Yep, come in.”

The door opened and admitted one tall, deeply tan, and very handsome Daddybear wearing blue scrubs and holding a manila file folder. He immediately hit Will’s top three criteria for ursine hotness: bald, glasses, and facial hair, a full auburn beard with just a few strands of gray at the chin. The fur coating his muscled forearms and pouring from the V-cut of his shirt was extra icing on his beefcake.

Looking at the top of his file, he said in a deep baritone, “William Bancroft?”

“Yep, Will’s fine.”

“Any relation to Anne?”

“No, but I get that a lot.”

“Just thought I’d ask,” he said, giving Will eye contact and a strong handshake before they both sat down. “My name’s Les, and I’ll be your sleep technician this evening. I see you’ve already made yourself comfortable and found the remote, so we’ll get you all hooked up and ready for bed, okay?”

“Sure,” Will said, trying to retain eye contact with those deep blue eyes but occasionally having to look away. God, he’s handsome.

“So Marcy told me you haven’t had any caffeine or alcohol today and were nodding off involuntarily this afternoon?” Les asked as he opened the folder.


“Feeling tired now?”

“Not really.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll get there eventually,” he said, flashing a smile of straight but slightly yellowed teeth. “It says here we’ll be doing an EEG to monitor brainwaves, the usual airway and heart hookups, and an NPT test, right?”

“Right. Wait, what does NPT stand for?”

“That would be a Nocturnal Penile Tumescence test.”

Rut-roh! Wonder what that test involves and whether Will is going to pass? Any Bears out there had the (dis) pleasure of a sleep study, or are sleeping more soundly with a CPAP these days? Ever had a “forbidden” crush on your health professional? Are you wondering where the romance begins here? Feel free to post your responses to these questions, and be sure to order your own paperback or e-copy to enjoy even more of “A Taste of Honey.”

- John Genest, author of “Just Breathe” from A Taste of Honey

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4 Responses to “A Taste of Honey Release Party – John Genest”

  1. H.B. says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of NPT. This should be interesting.

  2. JenCW says:

    NPT. Sounds like this one will be fun to read. Thanks for the look at your story.

  3. Susan says:

    This medical information is all new to me.

  4. John Genest says:

    Just a teaser: NPT stands for “nocturnal penile tumescence.”

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