A Taste of Honey Release Party – J. Scott Coatsworth

August 19, 2014

On Not Being a Bear

Welcome to the “A Taste of Honey” blog takeover to celebrate the launch of this great new bear anthology. During the day today, various authors form our new anthology will be taking over the Dreamspinner blog. We hope you enjoy it (and buy the book!!!).

I’m not a bear.

I’m also not a cub, twink, a gym bunny, a leather daddy, a chubby chaser, Castro clone (man does that date me!) or a metrosexual.

I might be an otter. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

But what I am, unabashedly, is a fan of LGBT(IQQA) diversity. It fascinates me that there are so many kinds of people under our little rainbow – people who are lipstick lesbians, butch dykes, bisexuals, asexuals, transgender, bi-curious, gay allies, drag queens, fruit flies, fag hags, tops, bottoms, switches and so many more.

So when I saw Dreamspinner’s call for stories about Bear romance for the “A Taste of Honey” anthology, I knew I had to give it my own personal twist.

What would it be like, I wondered, if my main character, the guy who walks into a bar and stops hearts, suddenly had to see the world through the eyes of a bear? To be confronted with the fact that the whole world really doesn’t revolve around him and his rock-hard six-pack abs?

Another thing I never was in high school was popular. I was the skinny gay kid who bought the clothes that looked cool on the popular kids and somehow transformed into so not cool on me.

My sympathy’s always been with the little guy, the “loser”, the geek who doesn’t always get the guy.

So it was a lot of fun to put my muscle boy into the body of someone he considers a loser, only to discover… well, I can’t really tell you, ’cause that would spoil the ending.

We have a great group of authors in this one. For me, it’s my first published story; for others, it’s their first with Dreamspinner, while others are old hands.

I’ve gotten to know them over the past few weeks, and am excited that you’ll have the chance to do so too through this great anthology. And huge kudos for B.g. Thompson, the author and editor who conceived of and edited the project, and to Ann Regan, the Dreamspinner editor who helped make it a reality.

So here is our gift to the rainbow that is the Queer Community – and especially, our love letter to the Bears out there.

- J. Scott Coatsworth, author of “The Bear at the Bar” in A Taste of Honey

Author bio here.

Buy A Taste of Honey here.

5 Responses to “A Taste of Honey Release Party – J. Scott Coatsworth”

  1. H.B. says:

    Great post! I’m looking forward to giving the anthology a read.

  2. Trix says:

    Sounds like so much fun!

  3. Susan says:

    I love an anthology where the heroes are not perfect specimens like Ken dolls!

  4. JenCW says:

    I love the premise of this story. Congrats on the anthology!

  5. Yvonne says:

    I’ve just finished AToH and it’s a great anthology with a wonderful mix of stories.

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