Meet-cute release party – small talk

August 13, 2014

Hello again,

It’s time for some awkward party small talk…

I mentioned before my name is C.C. Dado, I am born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and not leaving anytime soon. Like my favorite type of main character I have a gigantic suitcase of emotional baggage that I get to cart around and bust out every time web MD tells me my average cold is actually something horrific and incurable. (I’ve really got to stop going on there.)

Reading has always been a great escape for me to stop worrying over imaginary problems. My favorite are ones that make you laugh while you fall in love with the characters.

Does anyone out there have some good suggestions of ones I should check out.

I tried for comedic romance in “Meet-cute” I will have to wait to see some reviews to see if I am hitting the mark or not. It is all an amazing learning experience.

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