Meet-cute release party- C.C. Dado

August 13, 2014

Hello all, C.C. Dado here, I am a new author with DSP. I am celebrating the release of my book “Meet-cute”. I feel I should warn you up front, this could end up being one of those epic parties where you wake up the next morning, not sure what happened, your head is throbbing, your mouth taste funny and you can’t find your pants.

So let’s get this party started:

Hopefully you will all find my book as entertaining as I find bad 80′s dancing. Here is a little blurb and a link to “meet-cute” to kick us off:

“Elliot Beck may not have been blessed with mad art skills, a crooner’s voice, or a godlike physique, but he makes up for it with an abundance of quick-witted sarcasm, massive insecurities, and a love of bad boys.

After his best friend Trevor finds him naked and tied to his bed—abandoned by his latest troublemaker—Trevor convinces him to take a chance on a nice guy. When he has an awkward encounter in the men’s restroom with a fitness instructor named Chase, he never suspects the Adonis might be his perfect bad boy.”


Buy Meet-cute here!



5 Responses to “Meet-cute release party- C.C. Dado”

  1. Debra E says:

    You had me at sarcasm and bad boys and totally reeled me in with found naked and tied to his bed. Congratulations on the release!

  2. JenCW says:

    Congrats on your first release with Dreamspinner. It looks great!

  3. Susan says:

    I love sarcasm and insecurities – it’s like looking in a mirror for me!

  4. Ardent Ereader says:

    Hi CC, congratulations on your new book, love the title.

  5. Trix says:

    Oh, that’s an irresistible blurb…

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