Wine and Roses Release Party–Celebrating!

August 9, 2014

Hey all! You probably know that my book, Wine and Roses, a spin-off in the Blessed Epoch universe but a standalone story, released today. I’m doing something very appropriate to celebrate–I’m at a wine tasting! This is my friend and sommelier Beau Schemery. He helped me a lot with the technical aspects of winemaking I depicted in the book. I learned even more about wine and its history, and it’s fascinating. I hope you find it as interesting in a fictional setting as I did researching it. So, here’s Beau serving Cava, a sparking wine from Spain.

photo 2










This one was my favorite.












Look how happy I am! Cava is delicious wine, a lot like Champagne, but usually for a much better price.












Here is some other cool stuff I saw around the wine shop:














































Anyone else out there enjoy trying different wines? If not, what do you like to drink? And if you don’t drink, what do you enjoy doing to relax on the weekend?


2 Responses to “Wine and Roses Release Party–Celebrating!”

  1. Sula says:

    Hi Gus, I am sorry if I am a bit boring but I love sweet iced tea or maybe a still lemonade mango smoothie and most of the time to relax I just read a good book or watch a favourite film :)

  2. JJ says:

    For myself , I enjoy a nice Chai or Thai tea. The wine tasting sounds like fun. I liked your description of the wine in the first excerpt.

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