Gravitational Attraction’s Universe – it’s a strange galaxy out there

July 21, 2014


ESTO - the Eridani Sector Treaty Organization was born from a desperate rebellion against a despotic plutocracy. A far-flung confederation of planets, ESTO’s original intent was to build a republic where humans could be free, autonomous individuals. Original intents are often difficult to maintain. Suspicions and ambitions lead to border wars and bureaucratic neglect.

In the post-war galaxy, paranoia and xenophobia color every action. A few brave individuals reach out, though – to other races, other worlds, to those unlike themselves.

These stories follow the heroes who struggle to change minds and win hearts, to redefine how humans will fit in a universe where we are no longer alone.

There are currently three novels and two short stories in the ESTO Universe – Gravitational Attraction was the first of these to take shape in my brain and make it onto paper.

Taken in chronological order, (according to the timeline in that universe) the stories are:


Prisoner 374215


While the cell is sparse and cold, at least this one has a bed. The figure resting there is too thin; too still, the prominent bones the result of long starvation, the stillness the product of too much anguish and abuse. He watches, though. An anxious, intelligent mind still occupies this frail and failing body, one that watches and wonders about the new guard occupying his cell each night.



Vassily The Beautiful

Vassily Belikov, composer and pampered son of privilege, suffered neurological damage in the accident that killed his father. Resentful of his invalid status, he lives as a recluse, dependent on his mother, until the day she brings home a new husband with two sons of his own.

His mother’s kidnapping leaves him at the mercy of his amoral stepfather. Fighting addiction, fear, and physical shortcomings, he’s forced to seek out the criminal mastermind Baba Yaga for a replacement part. While she agrees to a deal if he beats his addiction, paranoia infuses her household. Drawn to her fierce youngest son, certain his actions are carefully measured, Vassily must find the courage to face his fears and his desires if he expects to survive.


A Matter Of Faces
(From the Cabin For Two Series)

All Romance

A data privateer crash lands on a barely habitable moon where he’s rescued by a research scientist who refuses to show his face. Though suspicious and paranoid by necessity, Rhodi finds himself drawn to the soft-spoken man behind the mask.


Gravitational Attraction

A mysterious distress call draws the crew of the Hermes to what appears to be an empty, drifting ship. Empty, except for the gore-spattered corridors and one survivor locked in a holding cell. Drawn to the traumatized man, the crew’s comm officer, Isaac Ozawa, makes Turk his responsibility, offering him kindness and warmth after the horror he experienced.

Turk longs for Isaac, a desperate, hopeless ache he’ll always carry with him.

But Turk’s brain harbors dangerous secrets, a military experiment gone wrong. When an amoral, power-hungry admiral kidnaps Isaac to convince Turk to become the weapon he’s hungered for, it will take Turk’s strength, the Hermes crew’s ingenuity, the enigmatic Drak’tar’s help, and Isaac’s own stubborn will to save them.


Sub Zero


Major Aren Dalsgaard’s newest assignment is to investigate a series of murders on the frigid planet, Drass, where relations between the Treaty settlers and the natives have taken a nasty turn. A linguist and trained xenologist, Aren should be the ideal Special Investigations officer for the assignment. So what’s the problem? Drass is where he died, more than a hundred and twenty years ago.

Sent by his family to the chigyel city, Nyachung finds himself confronted with a murder charge, racial prejudice, and a cryo-revived investigator who claims to be a hero from his grandmother’s generation. Major Dalsgaard could be crazy or he could be lying, but the sincerity in his spring-green eyes disturbs Nyachung more than anything else he encounters in the foreigners’ city.

Now, confronted with mysterious black boxes and a beautiful yet evasive young man as a prime suspect, Aren hopes he can solve the murders before his fierce sexual attraction to Nyachung gets the better of him…


All the ESTO stories can be read individually – but, yes, I did write Gravitational Attraction first. It’s the original, the blue print. Start there if you haven’t started these books yet. :)

6 Responses to “Gravitational Attraction’s Universe – it’s a strange galaxy out there”

  1. Sula says:

    Oh such interesting covers and series, thank you for putting them into chronological order.

    I have not read the series yet, so even though the books can be read individually do any of the characters make cameo appearances in the other books or do the stories occur over quite a different time scale to each other?

  2. Hi Sula!

    One of the stories, Prisoner 374215, occurs quite a bit before the others. The rest of the stories occur during the same time period, after the ESTO-Altairian War, and while there are no physical cameos, you will see a reference here or there where you’ll say “I know him!” or “I’ve seen those!” if you’ve read the other stories ;)

  3. H.B. says:

    Thank you for putting them in reading order. I actually read two of them and it was way out of order.

  4. Hi H.B.! Out of order is not a bad thing with these – the order here is just how they occur along the timeline :)

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for the order of these novels! While not OCD about reading in sequence, it can help.

  6. I like things in order :) Though I refuse to call it OCD. It’s, um, organized. Yes. That’s it.

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