Grav. Attraction Launch Party – Contest Anyone?

July 21, 2014

Contest time!

Short and sweet – for your choice of any one of my backlist stories:

Some folks have said that Gravitational Attraction involves “fated mates” which is a mislabeling. More accurately, the romantic match has to do with two people recognizing how compatible they are, right down to the molecular level.

Tell me about a time you just clicked with someone and how you knew you were meant to be together (spouse, lover, friend – doesn’t have to be your forever mate.)

I’ll draw a random winner tomorrow and let you know – so please leave an email address to contact you!

Don’t know what to pick if you win – come nose around my website and see what appeals to you: Angel Martinez


22 Responses to “Grav. Attraction Launch Party – Contest Anyone?”

  1. H.B. says:

    I had a friend who I clicked with immediately. We had met two years before our actually friendship began. She walked up to me on my first day at a new school and we got reacquainted. We were glue to each others sides. We had so many things in common from what music we liked, what we liked to read, etc. She was like a sister from another mother.

  2. I love that moment! I have a couple of friends like that – the “What, you, too?” moment :D

  3. Susan says:

    Does it have to be a person? My best match was with a great black cat who everyone loved. I think I’m too much of an introvert to instantly click with people.

  4. Roger Grace says:

    I met him the first day of college and I knew that during college we would be best friend even though he was straight and I was gay but we really clicked and hung out a lot.

  5. Cats are people, too – they’re just not human people ;)

  6. Wonderful, Roger! That probably made those first few jittery college days a lot easier to take :D

  7. Trix says:

    It’s always fun to have that moment with new friends when you realize you both love the same random thing, or do the same random thing. And the “finishing sentences” symptom is a sure sign!

  8. Andrea M says:

    When I met my 2nd husband we fell madly in love (really lust) and got married a week later. Unfortunately, we separated 3 weeks after that. So I definitely know what instant love feels like but also know that it can wear off very, very quickly!

  9. LOL – very much so, Trix! (And I need a friend who can do that these days since I so often lose words in conversation ;) )

  10. Oops – yep. It’s not always a forever thing.

  11. Antonia says:

    My best friend and I had an immediate connection. We sat next to each other in our first class in law school and that was it. We’ve been there for each other through everything for over ten years now. She’s a sister to me in every way except blood.

  12. Ardent Ereader says:

    I met one of my best friends in medical school over our cadaver in anatomy lab and we’ve been close friends ever since. Surviving that class together and all our other classes those 4 years solidified our friendship.

  13. :D Everyone needs that one friend, Antonia- wonderful!

  14. OMG! That’s perfect! (And where did you meet? Oh, it was over a body.)

  15. JenCW says:

    I met my bow husband the first week of graduate school. They had a welcome to graduate school pizza party. I wanted to meet the guy I was told organized trips to see NFL games sometimes. I met him alright and proceeded to talk to him for 2 hours straight. He eventually had to get back to his lab work; I went home. I immediately called my mother to tell her how I had met this guy. It was only when she asked me to describe him that I realized that I had forgotten what looked like outside of his beautiful eyes.


  16. Smitten from the first! Twitterpated! Love it :)

  17. Tali Spencer says:

    I met my husband on the internet. I know! Roll your eyes. But I asked a question on a Prodigy forum about something BDSM and I got forty responses, 39 of which were come ons and then there was his: he wrote the first scene of a story and ended it with (to be continued?). A story! And I continued it. :D And I knew just from that story, and its phrasing, and his personality as it unfolded that this was the man I HAD TO HAVE. And I do. Because he was even better on the phone and rocked my world when we met in person. Years later, we still tell each other stories.

  18. *gasp* I love that, Tali! That’s so freaking romantic! *smishes*

  19. Sula says:

    Wow, glad more people posted now as it was getting just a bit lonely with Angel, HB and I, especially as I was trying to be good.

    I have one particular friendship & close bond that started soon after the suicide of a very close friend of mine who had been rejected by his parents when he came out. I have edited much of this story, as it still breaks my heart, but he committed suicide before the end the Michaelmas term. I was at a different university to him and we talked all the time, but he went in such a dark place after his father said don’t come for Christmas or ever. I went to the college to see him after he got that call, but I was met instead by a PHd student, who worked with the universities LGBT student support group, and he advised what had happened. He consoled me, saying how much my friend spoke about our friendship and I eventually learnt that they had been going out.

    I went back home, but we kept in touch and it must have been fate that we met again as I had recently started my permanent job and he surprised me by turning up and working as temporary worker before his new job started. We found we could not stop talking, bringing up our lost friend which seem to help the loss a bit easier, and the office rumour mongers scented an office romance. But it was a romance of a different kind, one that is made for a life long friendship instead.

    We are still friends now and we have shared ups and downs, sympathy for bad boyfriends and break ups and then celebrated his marriage to a wonderful man. I often think my friend guided our friendship as the two people who loved him and would miss him the most.

  20. *hugs Sula* I’m so sorry you both lost him. As the mom of a bi son, this is something I will never, ever understand. How can you just discard a child?

    I’m glad you found each other and that you could be there for each other *extra hugs*

  21. JJ says:

    Sorry about being late to the party. I have a friend that I meet 8 years ago and had a feeling that we were going to be good friends, which we still are.

  22. It’s those long term friends who understand us best, isn’t it? :)

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