July 17, 2014

In my book to be released tomorrow, You Can’t Go Home Again, the bold female character is Marie, Kevin’s wife. When Jack’s rookie partner, Kevin, is killed in their undercover operation gone bad, Jack insists that he has to be the one to inform Kevin’s family.  Jack doesn’t want some nameless/faceless person going to inform his family.

The only problem is that Jack doesn’t know who Kevin’s family is, or even if he has one.  Jack lived his life very segmented.  When he was at work, there was absolutely nothing personal that was discussed or even acknowledged.  And when he was home, there was nothing about work that intruded. In Jack’s world the two spheres just did not overlap.

Jack had his reasons for doing this.  Early on, he’d tried to live his life openly, letting his coworkers know that he was gay.  But that blew up in Jack’s face – big time.  For years Jack had suffered taunts, been the brunt of jokes, and had coworkers whispering about him and informing all the new guys to steer clear of him in the showers because he was gay and they knew what that meant.  So Jack kept everyone at work at arm’s length.

But Jack is tough.  He gave back as good as he got.  he earned the respect of some of his co-workers, but the whole thing had taught him to be reserved, to share little of who he was or what his life was like.  In other words, Jack put up some serious walls to keep himself safe and to keep others out.

Jack’s walls were only strengthened when his long-term boyfriend announced that he was leaving Jack because he couldn’t live with a cop.  He couldn’t handle the idea that at any minute someone could come to the door and tell him that Jack had been killed in a hail of gun fire on an assignment gone bad

So Jack built even stronger walls, not just around himself, but especially around his heart. And that is why Jack doesn’t know anything about his rookie work partner, Kevin.  He didn’t know Kevin was married, but once he finds out that he was, Jack sets out to meet her and give her the news personally.  When he gets there he finds that Kevin was married to Marie, one tough cookie who can hold her own in a fight, verbal or physical, all by herself.



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