July 17, 2014

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  During the story, Marie has a baby.  Here’s a slight glimpse into the excitement that accompanies the arrival:


“Marie! What are you doing out of bed?” Devin demanded.

“It’s easier to go to the hospital this way.”


“Hospital, genius. My water just broke. Is one of you clowns planning to drive me, or should I walk? It might take me a while. I could take a cab, I suppose, if you’re too busy. What’s the plan?”

Once they were all in the car, the actual trip to the hospital took only eight minutes. Jack didn’t tell his two guests, but he’d been practicing, looking for the best route, finding alternatives in case one way was blocked. He pulled right up to the emergency room entrance. Devin raced inside and yelled, “I need a baby out here!” He dashed back outside before he realized he’d screwed up the sentence so he raced back inside. “I need a lady with a baby out here. Fuck! I’ve got a baby… a woman having a baby out here. I need help.”


When Marie had settled into the room where the action would happen at some unknown future time, Jack and Devin tried to be of comfort to her when the next contraction hit. Each took one side and held one of her hands.

Devin went from standing to his knees in no time flat.

“Jesus, woman! Where did you get that grip? Leave my fingers, please. I’m a writer—I kind of need my fingers to type.”

“Man up, pretty boy,” Marie bellowed with a look of fierce determination. “I’m in freaking pain here.”

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