Release Day Party – THE BREAK-IN by Aidee Ladnier

June 18, 2014


I’m Aidee Ladnier and I’m so excited to be on the Dreamspinner Blog to celebrate the release of my very first standalone title, THE BREAK-IN.

I’ll be here for a few hours, posting goodies and answering any questions you might have about my roboticist and his favorite wayward programmer.  Leave a comment. Don’t be scared. :)

This is actually the second story of mine that includes Forbes and Oliver, but it’s definitely a standalone story. In the first story, “The Applicant”,  a young Forbes met an older and wiser Oliver, who he thought was applying for a research assistant position. In THE BREAK-IN, Forbes is now the old and wiser of the pair, with a young Oliver again at his door but this time trying to rob him. How will Oliver get past Jeepers the robot cat, and why does switching sides look so attractive when a hot roboticist is involved?

The Break-in

Blurb:  Ten years ago, roboticist Forbes Pohle received a visit from time-traveler Oliver Lennox. “Wait for me,” Oliver said. Now a decade has come and gone, and Oliver has returned. However, Forbes never dreamed Oliver would reappear as the point man for a gang of technology thieves breaking into his lab. He finds the younger Oliver just as sexy and even more annoying; still, he must convince him their happily-ever-after is meant to be—but he only has the time it takes his robotic cat Jeepers to thwart the thieves to do it. After waiting so long, he could lose everything in the span of seconds.

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6 Responses to “Release Day Party – THE BREAK-IN by Aidee Ladnier”

  1. Hannah B says:

    Hi Aidee, Congrats on your new release. You are a new to me author, your books sound intriguing. So, what is a roboticist? (I could google it I suppose)

  2. aideelad says:

    Hi! So glad to meet you! It’s someone who makes robots. Forbes does lots of other cool things, but he likes to build robots the best. Which is why he ends up building a lot of his own friends. :)

  3. Theo says:

    This title sounds fun! I’m looking forward to reading it :)

  4. aideelad says:

    I hope you like it Theo! I certainly enjoyed writing it.

  5. This one sounds very interesting! Time travel can be hard to carry off in a story. How did you handle writing it?

  6. Aidee says:

    This story is really about the aftermath of time travel. The first story in the series, “The Applicant” doesn’t mention the mechanics much because Forbes hasn’t actually figured it out yet. (Spoiler: That story had an older Oliver traveling back to set him on the path.)

    I’ll be dealing more with the paradoxes and mechanics of time travel in future Forbes and Oliver stories. And I’m actually posting here later today about time travel and our current limitations. I think Forbes has to be pretty smart to figure out the spaghettification issue. ;)

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