Now, for the hot men portion of the day….Val and Wyatt

May 2, 2014

I promised horses AND hot men. Time to move onto the hot men. All men are hot and everyone has different tastes. Sometimes you don’t even know what those tastes are until they sort of smack you in the face.

This is Val Mihalic. He’s an IT guy, nice and he has a penchant for picking the wrong men. That has led him to decide relationships aren’t for him. He lives a quiet life with his dogs and his horse and keeps to himself. He’s got one really good friend, Janelle. They have known each other for years and look out for one another like good friends do.


 Then, very unexpectedly Janelle’s father Wyatt comes into town. Val and Janelle are roughly the same age, which makes Wyatt old enough to be Val’s father. Wyatt has been all over the world, he knows about things like ancient art and fine wine. While Val thinks he’s interesting and attractive, he’s sure Wyatt wouldn’t return that interest. Wyatt has returned to help his daughter and reconnect with her, not find a date. Val is surprised and a little apprehensive at first when Wyatt most certain does take an interest in him. They don’t have simply an age difference between them, but as they get to know one another they discover those differences aren’t so great after all.



Here’s their first meeting:


Wyatt glanced down and grinned at the same time. He was nice looking when he smiled. Obviously he’d heard that more than once. “Janelle is adopted. And yes, she knows.” He put his hands in his pants pockets and sighed. “Do we have to do this through the door?”


“I… uh… don’t really….”


“I’m an investigator, and I work in antiquities. I’m not a mob hit man.”


“You do sort of look like one,” Val said.


Wyatt chuckled. “Nah, they spend much more on their clothes.”


Val unlocked the door and stepped back so Wyatt could enter. He was impressed that Wyatt wasn’t bothered by three big dogs dancing around at his feet. Instead he put one hand out for them to sniff and walked between them.


Wyatt held out his hand and smiled. “Let’s try again. I’m Janelle’s father, Wyatt Harig. You and your entourage are…?”


Val shook the offered hand. Wyatt’s hand was strong, his handshake firm. His hand was as warm as his smile. “Vladimir Mihalic. Val. They’re Cooper, Bear, and Titan.” He pointed to each dog as he said their name.


“Good-looking crew you have. Trained to kill on command?” Wyatt asked.




“Uh-huh.” Wyatt tilted his head to one side and leaned down far enough to pat the dogs.


“Not buying it, huh?”


“Not in the least,” Wyatt said. “I can tell they’re incredibly vicious.”


“I guess the hand licking blew their cover.” Val glanced at the floor for a second and scratched at his forearm.


Wendy at Hearts on Fire Reviews was very kind and wrote a pre-release review for the first week of the blog tour for Run for the Roses. You can read her complete review HERE.

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  1. Susan says:

    I like Val already because he’s also Slavic, and Wyatt shares some of my interests – wine and ancient art (in which I have a degree).

  2. Trix says:

    It is an intriguing excerpt!

  3. relx says:

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