Thank you for a great release day!

May 2, 2014

It’s a been a wonderful day. I’ll leave you with two things, first a little more Val and Wyatt, this one with some spice:


They left the restaurant and walked to Wyatt’s car. Stepping around Val, Wyatt went to the passenger side and unlocked the car door. Val saw Wyatt glance around the parking lot. No one else was around. When Wyatt reached out and slipped one hand through Val’s hair and pulled him gently closer, Val tensed despite his brain screaming at him not to.


“Shush. I’m not going to hurt you.” Wyatt tenderly brushed his fingers through Val’s hair. “Though, I’ll be honest, I have hurt people. But they were bad people stealing valuable national treasures and wouldn’t give them back.”


Val burst out laughing, and the tension left him. Wyatt smiled in that way that made the corners of his eyes crinkle. When Wyatt leaned in toward Val again, he inched forward.


Wyatt’s kiss was light and gentle. He didn’t push, but seemed to wait patiently and coax Val into opening his lips. It was the hottest thing Val ever could imagine, and he moaned, rocking his hips into Wyatt as Wyatt’s tongue slipped over Val’s and skimmed the roof of his mouth.


Val slid his arm around Wyatt’s back. At the same time Wyatt wound his free arm around Val’s waist, pulled him closer, and pressed his thigh between Val’s legs, applying steady pressure upward. It was delightful and maddening at the same time. No one had ever affected him in this way or so completely. Val wanted more.


Wyatt ran a hand softly up Val’s spine, making him shiver, then moved his hand to Val’s shoulder. He pushed back from Val barely enough to break their kiss and caressed Val’s cheek with his own before saying in a low voice, “I thought I’d burst before I had the chance to kiss you.” Wyatt’s breath was warm against Val’s skin, making him quiver and his breath catch in his throat. Reaching around Val, Wyatt pulled on the car door latch. He nudged Val to the side and opened the door completely, then waved grandly at the inside. “Shall we?”





I’m hard at work writing the next installment of Val and Wyatt’s story, the title is A Barlow Lens. There are more mysteries to investigate and Dreamspinner has at least two more races to run after all! There is no horse race without other horses to race against and I need a few name ideas. Got a great idea for a Thoroughbred name  you’d care to share with me? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win an eBook copy of Run for the Roses. There is a catch, however. In the United States the official name of a Thoroughbred racehorse can’t be more than 18 letters.

Thank you for stopping by today and happy reading!

Elizabeth Noble


8 Responses to “Thank you for a great release day!”

  1. Susan says:

    How about Pride of the Rockies?

  2. Trix says:

    Pig In A Poke occurs to me for some reason, or Peach Fuzz…

  3. H.B. says:

    I’m horrible at this type of thing but how about: Going For The Rush

  4. Hmmm. I’ve always said I would make my first horse’s show name Destination K-L Ration (I bought him for 89 cents a pound)but that’s a bit long, isn’t it? My second nickname for him was Taco Bell. :-) I’m guessing there would be trademark issues there, too.

    How about Rocket’s Red Flare? For a chestnut. :-)

  5. Rebecca S says:

    Archimedes’ Lever

    Or has “Manic Monday” been done? (child of the 80s here)

  6. Linda C says:

    What about Pride’s Pocket?

  7. Jillian T says:

    Glass Half Full

  8. Penumbra says:

    Angel’s Ascent for a filly.

    Gramatical Eror (with the name actually spelled incorrectly)

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