Broken by Raine Norman Launch Party Giveaway time!

February 19, 2014


Hi guys!

In the early part of the novella, Oliver is upset when Joel says they should take a break. He vents his despair at the cost of some damage.

Have you ever broken something in a fit of temper, frustration or despair? Give your reply in comments and I will randomly select one lucky person to receive a free copy of Broken.

I will give you an instance when I broke something. I used to have a silly ornament called Egg Whip which was in the shape of an egg with a scrawny chicken’s head sticking out of it which was dressed to represent a jockey. I bought it as a joke as my now ex-husband had been a professional  racehorse jockey in the past. Well, I was dusting one day and I noticed the peak of the cap was broken. My ex was really clumsy and I was cross he’d broken it without telling me that he had. When I asked him about it, he denied that he had done the deed. Pretty weak defense really as there was only the two of us in the house!  Long story short, I got so cross at his denial that I snapped the head of the ornament and yelled that it was really broken now! LOL!

So, were you as daft as me by making a slightly damaged ornament only fit for the dustbin? Or have you got even funnier stories to tell? Tell your tales of destruction below for a chance to win a free copy of Broken! The winner will be chosen later tonight.

Edited to add – this giveaway is now closed but check out my blog as there may well be another chance to win when I guest blog at the weekend – full details will be put up there on Saturday! 

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8 Responses to “Broken by Raine Norman Launch Party Giveaway time!”

  1. Trix says:

    I’m such a dork that when I was frustrated enough to break something, I asked my mom’s permission to throw a plate that was chipped anyway! Not very punk, sadly…

  2. Andrea M says:

    When I was younger, throwing things was my way to vent. As a senior citizen now, I like to think I’m over it but you never know. Some of my great tantrums in the past: throwing a very nice dinner, food, tableware, pots and all – lots of glass embedded food all over the carpet with that one. A coffee cup at my husband but it missed and hit the wall, then broke and landed on him. I was proud of that one. I could give a lot more examples but you get the point, I think. There’s just something very, very rewarding about throwing things!

  3. H.B. says:

    I’ve broken a ceramic bowl (something my mom loved) before by using chopsticks. I’m not even sure how I did it but it started out with me cooking something for my older sister. When I was done I put it in a bowl and brought it to her but I think she was being ungrateful or something (she just really made me so mad..I’m going to blame this a little on puberty too) so in a fit I took the chopsticks and started stabbing at the food in the bowl. By the time I managed to calm down the deed was done and there was a hole at the bottom of the bowl and cracks. The chopsticks really weren’t looking too good either. When I saw the damage I caused I wasn’t feeling very happy with myself either.

  4. raine_norman says:

    Trix, that is so funny. :) x

  5. raine_norman says:

    Wow, Andrea M, remind me to duck if ever I meet you! LOL!

    I too used to be a ‘thrower’. I pulled my engagement ring from my finger and threw it across the room when arguing with my now ex-husband, it hit the wall and squashed flat!
    I had to take it to a jeweler’s for repair!

    I do think your coffee cup moment had finesse! :)

  6. raine_norman says:

    H.B. you must have been really wicked with the chopsticks to break a ceramic bowl. I have this mental image of the chopsticks being a blur as you stab at the food. :)

    I did regret pulling the head off the poor little Egg Whip ornament. I felt like I’d murdered the damn thing! LOL!

  7. Susan says:

    I collect different wine glasses and have for years. I had a favorite blue one that I broke after a major disagreement with an ex-boyfriend. Don’t miss the guy, but wish I had the glass still!

  8. raine_norman says:

    That is so frustrating, Susan. I can totally identify with missing the glass, but not the bloke! :)

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