Fireside Chat with SJD Peterson, B.G. Thomas, and Jaime Samms

January 23, 2014

On February 1, we’re excited to start the first in a new series of opportunities for readers to get to know their favorite authors better. SJD Peterson, B.G. Thomas, and Jaime Samms will be on Google Hangouts on Air chatting with each other, answering questions, maybe doing a few readings, and this is YOUR chance to ask them questions. To participate, leave a question in the comments below. If it’s for a specific author, please indicate. Otherwise, all three authors will consider the question. Then tune in on Feb 1 at 5 pm (details forthcoming on the location) or catch the chat later on YouTube to see if they answered your questions.



8 Responses to “Fireside Chat with SJD Peterson, B.G. Thomas, and Jaime Samms”

  1. Andrea M says:

    Will you please give instructions on what and how to find google air?

  2. Andi Byassee says:

    Question for all of you: One of the things I love about M/M romance is that it is open to so many different genres–contemporary, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy, paranormal, etc. What genres besides those you already work in would you like to explore someday?

  3. Andrea M says:

    Question for all – the three of you are all regularly published authors and have a devoted reader base. Assuming that you first started writing for pleasure, do you now ever feel an obligation to produce or is it still as much fun?

  4. Andrea M says:

    Question for all – when will your next books be out and what will they be about? You’re all on my auto-buy list.

  5. Sammy Goode says:

    For all three: Who do you consider to be the biggest influence in your life when it comes to writing?

  6. Dreamspinner Press says:

    Andrea, I will post this again closer to time of the event, but the link to Hangouts on Air is

  7. Andrea M says:

    Question for all – what social media outlet do you find most effective for marketing your work? This would include blogs, reviews, publishers and all other forms.

  8. Nat says:

    Question to all – How do you approach you writing – is it through a moment of inspiration or an idea you develop over time?

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