Release Party: Posy Roberts & Flare are Here Today!

January 13, 2014

Good morning! This is Posy Roberts here ready to chat with you lovely people throughout the day. My latest novel, Flare, was released today, January 13! Flare is the final book in my North Star Trilogy, and I’m excited to finally be able to share all the books with you.

For those of you new to North Star, all three books revolve around the lives of Hugo Thorson and Kevin Magnus.

Hugo and Kevin knew they should be together all the way back in high school, but life took them in very different directions. When they have a chance to continue their relationship, life’s circumstances have other plans for them. But they know they are meant to be, so they fight for each other, and they will fight for the family they want to nurture together, even if the world around them doesn’t quite understand their “alternative” family and tries their best to keep them apart.

Spark is book one in the trilogy.

In their small-town high school, Hugo and Kevin became closeted lovers who kept their secret even from parents. Hugo didn’t want to disappoint his terminally ill father, and Kevin’s controlling father would never tolerate a bisexual son. When college took them in different directions, they promised to reunite, but that didn’t happen for seventeen years.

By the time they meet again, Hugo has become an out-and-proud actor and director who occasionally performs in drag—a secret that has cost him in past relationships. Kevin, still closeted, has followed his father’s path and now, in the shadow of divorce, is striving to be a better father to his own children.

When Hugo and Kevin meet by chance at a party, the spark of attraction reignites, as does their genuine friendship. Rekindling a romance may mean Hugo must compromise the openness he values, but Kevin will need a patient partner as he adapts to living outside the closet. With such different lifestyles, the odds seem stacked against them, and Hugo fears that if his secret comes to light, it may drive Kevin away completely.


Fusion is book two.

How do you tell your friends and family you’ve fallen in love with a man when they’ve only ever known you as straight? How do you explain to your kids that you loved their mother very much, but your new partner is your best friend from high school and a man?

Kevin Magnus must figure it out while trying to build a relationship with Hugo Thorson, whose bigger than life, out-and-proud drag queen persona is simply too big to be contained in a closet—even for the time it takes Kevin to come up with an explanation for his kids and Erin, his soon-to-be ex-wife.

But Erin faces an even bigger obstacle—one that shakes the entire family to the core. When she unexpectedly turns to Hugo, they form a connection that forces Hugo to grow up and offers Kevin the chance to become the kind of father he wants to be. Despite the coming complications, they’ll all benefit from a fortunate side effect: it becomes clear that Hugo is very much a part of this unconventional family.


And now Flare, book three is ready for you!

Hugo Thorson and Kevin Magnus are learning to live again after the death of Kevin’s wife, Erin. They’re doing everything they can to make a stable home for Kevin’s kids, but that stability is threatened when Kevin is served legal documents: Erin’s parents want custody of Brooke and Finn.

Meanwhile, Hugo is offered several acting jobs; to encourage him to take them, Kevin hires a nanny who is very hands-on with the kids. But Hugo feels distanced from his new family, so he makes the decision to leave his eclectic neighborhood and moves in with Kevin. He quickly finds he has a hard time fitting in with the suburbanites, and Kevin’s passive-aggressive “friends” make Hugo feel anything but welcome. Yet he keeps his concerns a secret and tries to take it all in stride.

When Brooke is bullied about having two dads, Hugo realizes his mere presence might be doing more harm than good. The stress will force him to make a choice: does he stay and fight for the family he loves, or does he walk away to let them live in peace?


Now let’s interact!

When you hear the word “trilogy,” what comes to mind? I knew I was taking a risk writing one. What gets you excited about a trilogy or any sort of series with the same characters? Are you a “wait until they all come out” reader or a “read them as they come out” reader? Why?

Please leave comments. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll reply as soon as I can. I have to go teach a class this morning, but I’ll be back as soon as I help solve all the parenting problems in my town. Haha.  Have a cup of coffee or tea while you think about your answers. No need to rush. And who knows what crazy things I’ll write about this afternoon.

If there are any questions you have about the trilogy, about Kevin and Hugo, about any of the secondary characters (who so many of you seem to love – yay!), or even about me or surviving in Minnesota during the winter, ask them. I’ll try to answer everything. Let’s make this blog as interactive as we can today!


19 Responses to “Release Party: Posy Roberts & Flare are Here Today!”

  1. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    I like series books especially if they follow a couple through their meeting and then more of their life together.

  2. Tina says:

    I am so excited to read the final chapter in Hugo & Kevin’s story. Let the angst commence!

  3. Susan says:

    I enjoy trilogies and read them as they come out. I usually wind up rereading the preceding books as each new one adds to the story.

  4. Andrea M says:

    If the trilogy focuses on the same main characters, I prefer to wait until it’s complete. This is mainly because there are three that I started and the authors never completed them. Two of those ended in cliffhangers.

  5. Posy Roberts says:

    Andrea ~ Oh, I can certainly understand that. This was one of the reasons I wrote all 3 books in succession. I didn’t want to get stuck and lost. That would be frustrating as a reader to be stuck with cliffhangers that never ended. ~Posy

  6. Posy Roberts says:

    Susan ~ That’s often what I do as well. I even did that with the Harry Potter books. That was a lot of reading by the time book 7 was released. :) ~Posy

  7. Posy Roberts says:

    Tina ~ Haha! You just assume angst with me? ;) I’m thrilled that the entire story is finally out there to share. It’s exciting to me. ~Posy

  8. Posy Roberts says:

    Shirley ~ I enjoy that at well. I truly enjoy depth. North Star follows Hugo and Kevin all the way through, so you’re in luck there. :) ~Posy

  9. When I hear “trilogy,” I think “Exercising more patience than I have.” I usually don’t pick up trilogies until they’re completed, but Spark looked too good to wait, and I was right. Then, too, the Northstar Trilogy had very close release dates so it’s not like this took much in the way of patience…

  10. Posy Roberts says:

    Christopher ~ :) I’m with you, because I’ve sat through years of waiting in the past. I’d love to say close release dates were my choice, but they weren’t. A few months after Spark was picked up by DSP, I went to their writer’s conference. It was there that I was convinced to submit Fusion, which was picked up so quickly my head spun. When release dates were only 2 months apart, I knew I wanted to get Flare in as quickly as possible so it could be released in close succession. Thankfully, I had all 3 books written so I could submit quickly.

  11. Jbst says:

    Spark was such a great read. If it’s a new series, I sometimes will read the first book and then wait for the remaining books of a trilogy to come out. Sometimes, I buy the whole trilogy/series even if I haven’t read any of the books, if it interests me and I’ve heard good things about it. For example, I have the Cut&Run series but haven’t read any of them yet.

  12. Posy Roberts says:

    Jbst ~ I’m glad you enjoyed Spark. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a series without at least starting to read. We had C.S. Lewis sitting around our house for ages because my husband inherited it. Eventually I started to read it, and I got through the whole thing quickly. You see, when I start a series, I go for broke and read from start to finish. I like to obsess a bit. ;)

  13. Jules (Lovestoread) says:

    Extremely important question here….. HOW MANY tissues will I need??

  14. Posy Roberts says:

    Jules ~ Haha! I <3 it!!! Not nearly as many as for Fusion but maybe a few more than for Spark. Does that help?

  15. Jules (Lovestoread) says:

    Hmmm…I guess that gives me an idea. ;) I haven’t had time to read Private Display Of Affection yet…Is that going to be multi-part also? Or, is the teenage version all told now?

  16. NicStar says:

    Now that Flare has been released I’ll have to get reading. I have had the other two waiting on the Kindle for quite a while now. So excited because I can read them all in one go!

  17. Jules (Lovestoread) says:

    Omigosh, NicStar…GO!!! You’ll love these books.

  18. Posy Roberts says:

    Jules ~ I had initially planned to tell all of the teen years of Hugo and Kevin in PDA, but I got to the day before their senior year (actually I got further but it was a total fail), and I realized I needed to stop and wrap up. After having several months “off” of writing, I’ve started to see what was missing in the parts I cut from PDA. That is actually what I’m working on right now. It’s slow going, but mostly because I’ve been sick and traveling all across the upper Midwest. But if I have anything to say about it, Kevin and Hugo’s senior year of high school will be told. It will also be much more of a Kevin story than a Hugo story, from what has been going on in my head. Then again, you can never trust a writer’s plans, because our characters are always changing things on us.

  19. Posy Roberts says:

    NicStar ~ Yay! I love the all in one go when I’m reading a series too. I’m happy to see you ready to start. :D

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