Posy Roberts North Star: Flare – last chance to play!

January 13, 2014


This will be my last post.

I’m sad that North Star (Spark, Fusion, and Flare) are over. Yet, somewhere along the way, I realized Hugo and Kevin’s teenage story wasn’t one to just throw away, so I reworked it.

I’ve taken their junior year in high school, revamped it, and added 66% more (yes, I’ve done the math).  This book is called Private Display of Affection and written under the pen name Winter Sandberg. Yes, components of Spark are in it but the sexual bits are toned down. If you have a gay or bisexual son or nephew or friend, this might be a book for them. I address issues in PDA that men having sex with men will never get in a traditional sex ed class. I did that so teens might have a place to go for answers. You may enjoy it even more than them, because you get a better glimpse at what’s happening in Kevin’s head in this book, unlike in Spark, where he was often left out of the equation because of how the story was structured.

And It is my hope that I can write Hugo and Kevin’s senior year in high school as well. So far, it is much more Kevin’s story than it is Hugo’s in the planning stage, but that makes sense after Hugo’s tumultuous junior year.

One thing I tend to do is keep storyboards alive on Pinterest. I try to do this for each and every story, so if you want to follow me, feel free, or if you want to follow individual stories, peek around. I play on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterst, Google+, and other places too. I love connecting with new people, but I may be a bit shy at first. I also try to keep Winter Sandberg separate from Posy Roberts for the most part, but keeping up with the various sites does get exhausting.

So for my very last question of the night, what changed between the time you were 16 and the time you were an adult in your romantic relationships? I got a lot more practical or “realistic, ” if you will. How about you? I still expect magical kisses and moments that sweep me off my feet, but not nearly as often as I did at 16 years-old. :)

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  1. Mel says:

    So you know I read Flare last night and loved it! But to answer your question, when I was sixteen I thought that my first love was going to be forever and I quickly found out that most of the time, forever doesn’t exist in love.

    As an adult, I’ve come to realize that you should just cherish time with the people you love, work hard at trying to make things work but be realistic about where things are headed! I’ve seen forever love in the real sense of the word, there are people out there who I see on a daily basis and they restore my faith in love but then I see people who are in ‘love’ every other day, so it goes both ways!

    I’m much more guarded as an adult, I guess.

    Once again, congratulations on finishing your trilogy and thank you for giving a platform for as many issues and topics as you addressed in these books along with telling Kevin and Hugo’s story! <3

  2. Theo says:

    At sixteen, I think I was a lot more superficial. I was interested in boys based on popularity, looks, physical traits, etc. As adults, I look for connection and compatibility more than the physical.

  3. Jbst says:

    I would agree about being more realistic. I had fun learning more behind the scenes info about the trilogy and Flare. Both books are on my wish list. Have to find out what happens with Hugo and Kevin. Congrats on your new releases and wishing you much success with them!

  4. Juliana says:

    Ugh, nothing has changed because I’ve yet to have a relationship. At least now I no longer have an unrequited crush on my in hindsight gay friend that was obviously never going to go anywhere… I should meet people or I won’t ever find a guy, but I sort of hate people even more than I did at 16!

  5. Posy Roberts says:

    Mel ~ Thanks for your kind words. It’s surprising how many different meanings “love” can have, right? I recall learning about eros, agape, philia, symposium, and storge (affection) when I was in high school psych class and again in college. Yet, we tend to strive for eros—physical or passionate love. I hope in North Star I wrote about all types of love in one way or the other. I think we dismiss the other forms too easily, when instead, I feel we should embrace them. #opinion

  6. Andrea M says:

    Unfortunately, my expectations didn’t change until I was past thirty. I loooved those bad boys and always thought if I loved them enough, they’d change. I now know better – still like those bad boys but only to look at. I’ve got a sweetie that would have bored me to tears when I was younger but I cherish him now.

  7. Andrea M says:

    Question for you, Posy: when you write YA books, are the beta’d by that same age group?

  8. Posy Roberts says:

    Theo ~ I’m with you, even with friendships. We sure mature, don’t we? And does it take much? Maybe it’s time, but I think a lot is experience as well. :)

  9. Posy Roberts says:

    Jbst ~ Thank you so much! It’s been really fun chatting with you today. You’ve been a great chatting companion.

  10. Posy Roberts says:

    Juliana~ I recall being right where you are. I always seemed to fall for the gay men in my life too. I eventually figured it out before my heart broke. I hope you get there very soon. I also found my husband after I said, “I’ve sworn of all romantic entanglements!” I was already really good friends with my hubs, who Flare is dedicated to, but we were far from romantic at the time. Of course, when I least wanted/expected it…. Damn romance! Haha

  11. Mel says:

    I don’t strive for the passionate or physical love anymore. Too many times I trusted the wrong people and let my heart get broken. So, like you did at one point, I’ve sworn off romantic partners in general.

    However, I have all the love I need in my life. I have amazing friends who would do anything for me, family that supports me no matter what and online friends who have come to mean so much to me that it doesn’t matter if I have no clue what they look like or what their voice sounds like. They are my chosen family! I like to think you are included in that category! I really enjoy our interactions and have come to consider you a dear friend <3 I met my absolute best friend in the world through the internet and I can't imagine my life without her. I often tell her she is my soul mate (because she is my soul's twin) but then again, I believe that you can find your soul mate and not be romantically involved with them. (kind of like in The Cranberry Hush by Ben Monopoli!)

    Sorry I ramble when I try to explain weird things :)

  12. Posy Roberts says:

    Mel~ I’ve found those friendships that I’ve made online can be very important. Not all. Haha. But I’ve found some of my closest friends that way. One my met back in the fandom years ago, and we still admit things to each others we probably wouldn’t admit to most people. It’s a different kind of relationship when the thing you reveal the most is your heart, even the dark sides of it. <3 you!

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