Twelve Tasks Release Party #4 – The Supporting Cast

November 6, 2013

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So the stars of our show are Eliot and Matt who find each other amidst Eliot’s mini-life crisis. But these two need some serious help along the way which is why they are lucky to have a cast of supporting characters. And as much as I love Eliot and Matt, I loved writing about the whole ensemble, and honestly, the people that Eliot and Matt surround themselves with tells us so much about them. So here are the supporting characters in just a few words.

First, there is Jen, the best friend and enabler. She’s a romantic at heart and has an endearing habit of running off at the mouth:

“And this is Eliot. He lives with me.” Her eyes widened. “I mean, not lives with me. Well, he does live with me because he’s my roommate. We’re not together, at all. Not that he’s a bad guy or anything. He’s really quite lovely and….”

“Jen!” Eliot interrupted.

“He’s celibate!”

There is Carlos, the manager at the gym. He’s the strong quiet type with a dry sense of humor:

He took the towel from Eliot’s limp hand and wrapped it around the bag of ice. “Ice your nose and your eye and take some pain medicine,” he instructed. “If you start acting like a zombie, become disoriented, communicate only in grunts or groans, or start thirsting for human brains, go to the hospital.”

There is Mae, the Lilliputian-esque physical trainer slash professional cheerleader who everyone is just a little bit frightened of:

“I was thinking of maybe asking Mae.”

“No,” Pete said immediately. “No, not a good idea. Don’t you think she’s a little frightening for him? I mean, I think you probably want someone a little less Black Widow and a little more Bambi.”

Matt silently agreed. Mae was way too scary for Eliot.

And last but certainly not least, and my personal favorite, Pete, the other roommate who is a little crass but gives excellent relationship advice:

“I don’t even know what to say,” Eliot whined.

Jen smiled. “Just say you’re sorry.”

“And you want to suck his dick,” Pete added.

At Jen’s disapproving gaze and Eliot’s open-mouthed shocked expression, Pete shrugged.

“What? I’d forgive anyone willing to give me a blow job.”

So based on the above, who would you like to hang out with? Do you know a Jen? Or a Pete? Tell me about your supporting cast!

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  1. Andrea M says:

    Hope it’s not too late for this – had severe computer problems. Jen definitely sounds like someone I’d like to be around. A strict budget doesn’t allow much for entertainment but I think she would be enough entertainment for anyone. I’d love to just listen and gape.

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