Serpentine Walls Release Party #5 — Let’s Talk Movies!

October 30, 2013

Thanks, all, for joining the party! My birthday has been great so far, getting to hang out with all of you and talk about Serpentine Walls.

GIFTS! Because it’s my birthday, I will be giving out some gifts.  All you have to do is answer one (or more) of the questions I’ll be asking through the day during the party. One of you will win a signed copy of Serpentine Walls and three more of you will win a free e-book of one of my novellas (your choice).

Let’s talk about movies.  I love movies, which you will notice when you read the novel.  My MC, Pete, makes his first film under the tutelage of Matthew, the guy he falls in love with. Pete’s other love interest, Aidan, plays a part in his movie while the rest of Pete’s friends are involved in some way.

The characters also talk about movies a LOT in this book.  I hadn’t realized how much until I went back through and made a list of every movie that is mentioned in the novel.  Here’s the list, in the order in which they appear:

Cinema Paradiso

Hannah and her Sisters

Transformers 3

Ruby Sparks

The Squid and the Whale

Seventh Seal

Animal House

Brokeback Mountain

Sleepless In Seattle

When Harry Met Sally

Sweeney Todd

South Pacific

The Sound of Music

Monsters, Inc.


Now, Voyager

Mean Girls




Romeo and Juliet


The Hobbit

Pete and Matthew quote lines from Now, Voyager, the classic Bette Davis film.

And one of my favorite lines in the story is the movie line that comes to Pete’s mind when he and Matthew are about to share their first kiss:

Their eyes held, and everything became quiet inside of Pete. It felt like being on a precipice. Screw it, he thought, and before he could lose his nerve, he reached out and took Matthew’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Um, holding your hand?” Pete winced as the suave line he could have said if his life were a movie ran through his head: What I should have done long ago….

Okay, question time.  What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

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10 Responses to “Serpentine Walls Release Party #5 — Let’s Talk Movies!”

  1. Hi CJ! *waves furiously*
    First of all, Happy Birthday! Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Too much writing to do. I’m sure you understand. Anyway, my favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Why? Because it has everything. It has love, hatred, death, life and the longest fight scene EVER. Plus, I’m a nerd, so it appealed to that side too. Plus it was very well-written and acted something that made the theatre kid in me happy. So that’s why it’s my favorite. At least at the moment;)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Before I answer the question, I have to say how much I enjoy movie-lovers as characters. Anyone who loves movies knows how it feels to find others like them, and it’s fun to watch that play out in books. Of course, that goes for music people, video game people, knitters, what-have-you. There’s just something so fun about seeing “your people” in your fiction.

    So, yeah, movie person here. I worked in a movie theater for years (and boy, do I miss all the free movies I got to see because of my job), so even just thinking of certain movies brings up so many memories, and not just the movie itself. (Sidenote to the dreams post: I actually have dreams every once in awhile where I go back and work at my old movie theater.)

    Anyway, favorite movie. I’m an unapologetic look-on-the-bright-side, everything-happens-for-a-reason, good-comes-out-of-bad type of person. So, when I say “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite, anyone who knows me can see the logic in that. Now, it’s not just the message of the film. I think Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are perfection, and Frank Capra was a genius. There are so many beautiful storytelling touches that I could just go on and on about. But I won’t. I’ve already gone on quite enough!

  3. CJane Elliott says:

    Hi Sophie! *waves back* I love Harry Potter for all of the reasons you cited. I like movies that have everything. Okay, back to writing with you! (haha, I need someone to say that to me every day)

  4. Holly W. says:

    I love movies. I have a huge movie collection, and love rewatching. My absolute favorite though is A Knight’s Tale. That movie never gets old for me. I’ve seen it too many times to guess, but could sit down this afternoon and watch it no problem. Such a go-to feel good movie for me. Oh, and Heath Ledger. He’s enough reason to watch a movie.

  5. CJane Elliott says:

    Carolyn, yay for another movie person! Right after I posted this, I came across a list on Facebook of “100 movies you should see before you die”. I’d seen 76 of them! And I LOVE “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I agree that the performances are extraordinary. That movie never fails to make me cry.

  6. CJane Elliott says:

    Holly, I have to confess that I’ve never seen A Knight’s Tale. I’m going to put that on my list to watch. I love Heath Ledger and I think I’ve seen every other movie he’s been in.

  7. Gene says:

    Another movie nut here! I have thousands in my DVD collection (literally–they fill the house), and my traditional answer to the question would be either ‘Casablanca’ or ‘Gone With the Wind.’ BUT I have to admit that my ‘deep in my heart’ favorite is not one of the classics. (Even though I’m fond of most old Bette Davis movies) The one I watch over and over is Julie Andrews’ ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’! I just love movies about the 1920s and also comedies. Not to mention that the young James Fox in that movie just stole my heart away for all time!

  8. Trix says:

    Oh, boy, I think I have a few. When I’m in the mood for watching the cutest cast in history play hockey, I throw on MIRACLE (it’s very underrated from a technical standpoint, too). BEEFCAKE is a really fun seriocomic documentary that manages to be both titillating and educational. The French movie THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE is good if you want a romantic comedy that’s a little bit warped, but will still have you sighing at the end. SCHOOL OF ROCK always makes me very happy. And even though I can name zillions of things wrong with the Olivia Newton-John vehicle XANADU, when it comes on TV I am not to be disturbed until it’s over…

  9. CJane Elliott says:

    Gene, ‘Casablanca’ rates up there in my top 10. I saw a high school production of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ a few years ago that was stellar. I’m going to have to go watch that movie again.

  10. CJane Elliott says:

    Hi Trix! Thanks for commenting, you’ve given me a bunch of movies to add to my ‘to watch’ list. The only one of yours I’ve seen (unless I’m just not remembering) is School Of Rock, which is hilarious. I love Jack Black! I’m sure you’ve seen ‘High Fidelity’ but if not, check it out. Jack Black is amazing in it.

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