Serpentine Release Party — Wrap Up and a Sugary Snippet

October 30, 2013

Okay, everyone, it’s getting time to wrap up this party. I’m being taken out to dinner for my birthday by my lovely husband and son so I have to go get beautiful.

But before I go, have a sugar-sweet snippet from the boys of Serpentine Walls:


“One more toast to the happy couple.” Angie raised her glass in Matthew’s dining room as the latest blue house party—this one called April Follies—roared on around them. Cleo, John, and Brian followed suit, while Matthew poured more champagne for himself and Pete.

“Come on, Ang,” Pete protested, “we’ve been together a month already. When are you going to stop proposing toasts to us?”


“Jeez, we’re not getting married or anything.” But he raised his own glass nonetheless, his other hand clasped securely in Matthew’s.

“To happy endings,” Angie persisted. “And to Pete and I finding The One. Told you so!”

Pete bowed down to her. “To Angie, the sorceress, whose premonitions come true so often that it’s scary.”

Brian nodded in agreement while the rest of them raised their glasses to Angie.

Matthew tugged on Pete’s hand. “We’re not getting married?” he asked, giving him the sad eyes. “I… I thought I meant more to you, darling.

You do, dearest. You’ll never know how much….”

“Are they always like this?” Brian asked.

John smiled and shrugged. “You mean the bad romantic movie lines? Yeah, pretty much.”

“How dare you mock our love?” Matthew asked, eyes widening in faux shock. “It’s a rare and tender flower.”

“Hoo boy.” Brian held out his hand to Angie. “Let’s go sit on the screen porch so you can whisper some bad movie lines in my ear.”

“Wow, Brian,” Cleo said. “That’s the most suggestive thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

“What can I say?” Brian asked as Angie giggled. “She inspires me.”

When Angie and Brian walked away, holding hands, Matthew murmured into Pete’s ear, “Let’s go in the den. I want to sing ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’ with you.”

“Yes, Tammi.” Pete jumped when Matthew pinched his ass.

Pete secretly agreed with Matthew about the love thing. While he would never call it a “rare and tender flower,” he knew he’d lucked out. He could write reams of bad poetry just describing Matthew’s face, a case in point being the particular smirk Matthew was giving him right now—the one where his eyes crinkled up and he looked like a devilish angel.


It’s been a blast sharing my Serpentine Walls release party with you! I have a few more stops on my Serpentine Walls Blog tour, and would love for you to join me:

October 31    Purple Rose Tea House, Charlie Cochet

November 2  Dreamspinner Facebook

November 5  Suzanne van Rooyen

November 7  Lane Hayes

Let’s have one more question to give you all a chance to win GIFTS! Because it’s my birthday, I will be giving out some gifts.  All you have to do is answer one (or more) of the questions I’ll be asking through the day during the party. One of you will win a signed copy of Serpentine Walls and three more of you will win a free e-book of one of my novellas (your choice).

Question: What’s the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?

Your answers on any of my release party posts will count in the contest as long as they are posted before 12 midnight PST today, October 30!

Check back on this post by tomorrow night, 10/31 (boo! Halloween!) and I will post the winner of the signed copy and the novellas.


Alright, y’all, I’m back to announce the winners of the free gifts!  I took everyone who answered at least one question and put your names in a random name generator… and the winners are… (drum roll)

One signed copy of Serpentine Walls paperback:  JJ

One free ebook of any of my novellas: Gene, Sophie, and Susan

YAY! And thank you everyone for hanging out with me yesterday on my birthday/release day. It was fun.

WINNERS: please email me at with your email address for your DSP account (and JJ I need your snail mail). Novella winners please let me know which one you want. If you go to Serpentine Wall order page below my novellas are listed underneath.

Thanks again for partying with me on this special day.

Serpentine Walls Order Page

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EVERYONE gets gifts!  With the code CJaneBlog you’ll get 25% off all of my books and all Coming of Age books in the Dreamspinner Store. It’s good until 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, November 1!

7 Responses to “Serpentine Release Party — Wrap Up and a Sugary Snippet”

  1. Gene says:

    I never had a surprise birthday party until… One night a couple of weeks before my birthday, I went to dinner with a straight couple, and they stalled on the way back to my apartment. I’m a suspicious person around the time of my birthday… but this was September remember. When we three finally got to my place, we all heard noise through the front door. I said to my friends, “It sounds like a party in there!” But I was joking… I thought. When I opened the door expecting my lover to be watching TV, I was greeted by a crowd of friends. Suddenly it grew quiet, and my lover, standing by our jukebox, pushed a button and ‘Sixteen Candles’ by the Crests began to play while everybody clapped and cheered! I was stunned (and I showed my appreciation for the party later after the others left!).

  2. Carolyn says:

    Gene, I love that story; surprises are so much fun!

    Although I feel like I have a lot of romance in my every day life, they are the small, personal ones. I love those. I think a bigger one that comes to mind is on our anniversary this past year, I got a beautiful short story written just for me. I was in tears because it was just amazing and so unexpected. One day I hope we’ll have it made into a book with illustrations because it’s too wonderful not to share, even though it was just for me. I’m getting all mushy inside just thinking about it!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner, and that this birthday is the start of your best year yet!

  3. CJane Elliott says:

    Those are both wonderful and romantic stories! I’ll tell mine: for one birthday my husband took me on a treasure hunt. He wrote little cards with clues which led to a day-long adventure of visiting special places, going to a lovely restaurant, and ending with attending a performance of Cirque du Soleil. It’s a birthday I’ll always remember. Thank you for sharing with me throughout this day, guys.

  4. Trix says:

    No grand gestures from anyone yet; a few mixtapes (more given than received, but that’s okay) and the occasional batch of cookies…

  5. CJane Elliott says:

    Trix, cookies are always welcome! It’s not so much the grandness of the gesture as it is the thoughtfulness that went into it.

  6. Gene says:

    PS. I have a sad thing to tell you… Sometime late this morning… your brownie disappeared without a.trace! Sorry.

  7. CJane Elliott says:

    HAHA just as well, Gene. (I KNEW it!)

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