Saving Sonny James: the X-excerpt you never expected to see (and the final contest! win book money!)

October 22, 2013

All you have to do is comment in reply to this post, anywhere in this release party, with the words “book money” somewhere in the comment, and you’re in the running for $20 on your account at Dreamspinner to spend as you like and Saving Sonny James paperback or ebook.

THE night after Luki talked to Kaholo was the first one in a couple weeks that found him struggling to find sleep. Finally, he allowed his thoughts to drift toward his husband and his fingers to drift toward his restless sex.

Once he started remembering and imagining his tall, dark, lithe lover, he couldn’t stop. And once Sonny’s beauty entered and filled his aching, sweet, waking dream, his hands wouldn’t stop. His neglected penis thickened and leaked and begged, and though Luki couldn’t remember the last time he’d masturbated, he got right with the program.

Not content to jerk off quickly in a half somnolent fashion, he sat up and stripped his lower half naked, switched on the small light next to the bed, and spread his legs wide, knees up, so he could see. Smiling at himself and thinking of Sonny, he ran his palm over the wide, glistening head of his cock and gathered a little reservoir of precum, then brought it to his mouth and dragged his tongue through it. He chuckled, then bit his lip. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but of course his own product, though tasty, wasn’t nearly as sweet as Sonny’s. Briefly he wondered why he could remember Sonny’s flavor so clearly, but he couldn’t remember the particulars of any other man he’d tasted—and of course there had been a few.

Knowing the experience wouldn’t come close to sex with beautiful Sonny,
Luki decided nevertheless to take it slow, make a feast of the masturbation experience. He handled his hardening testes, running his hands over the silky skin, watching the motion, pretending they were Sonny’s long fingers, pretending the balls he cradled in his own hands were Sonny’s. It didn’t quite work—the differences in anatomy meant Luki really had to work at the imagining, but he persisted, and if it wasn’t perfect, it was good. Next, using spit and precum for lube, he let his fingers wander over his perineum and straight into his ass. All other considerations aside, Luki liked getting fucked, had liked it from the very first time. Other considerations meant he craved the top role more than the bottom, but sometimes Sonny….

“Oh, Sonny,” he whispered, feeling Sonny’s long, straight erection rather than his own two digits. The fingers weren’t quite adequate, but they were a passable substitute as long as he doggedly kept his fantasy in mind. He drew his fingers out then slammed them back in, rough, speeding up and finding a rhythm, relishing the burn and—even though it was a bit of a reach—managing to tap his prostate, stimulating the deep pleasure the little gland had to offer.

He could have come to orgasm with just that, but he didn’t want to, so he gentled the motion and slowed the rhythm almost to a stop. He reached for his cock with his other hand, stroked it once, twice, but stopped that too and instead pinched first one nipple then the other. He made it hurt, made the nipples red and puckered, hard nubs standing out like markers, which was so pleasurable that again he thought he might come. He stopped, wet his fingers in his mouth, and soothed the same nipples he’d just tortured.

Again he said, “Oh, Sonny,” and now he started to stroke, twisting a bit, running his thumb over the slick head. In no time—too soon he thought—he felt his orgasm begin to insist, to rise, to gather force, and then he exploded, groaning out Sonny’s name over and over in a tortured, raspy cry.

He felt mildly strange when it was over, laughed at himself a little, even. But after he cleaned up, he slept well, and he dreamed only of his love. It was good.

28 Responses to “Saving Sonny James: the X-excerpt you never expected to see (and the final contest! win book money!)”

  1. Traci Kurtz says:

    I can never have enough book money & I would love to have the paperback of Saving Sonny James so please enter me!

  2. Lou Sylvre says:

    Well, okay, Traci, you’re entered, even though you did not use the magic words as instructed… :)

  3. Lou Sylvre says:

    And also, thank you very much for reading, stopping by, and playing.

  4. Juliana says:

    Ooo, you had me at X rated! I love to read a little self lovin’! You know I can never say no to new books, I bought 5 on Sunday, despite being about $30 over my book budget already! ;) The budget is more of a suggestion…

  5. Kat says:

    I would definitely love to win some “book money”. I’d use it to buy Vasquez and James stories but I already have all of them so it would go towards discovering new authors, unless of course “Jade” will be available soon. ;-)
    kalimar2010 @

  6. Carolyn says:

    When you’re right, you’re right, and you’re right, I didn’t expect that! Like it? Yup. Expect it? Nope. I always think it’s beautiful how Luki loves Sonny. And vice versa. Anytime I get to see that love is a wonderful thing.

  7. Lou Sylvre says:

    Hi again, Juliana! I know what you mean about the book budget suggestion phenomena… I just wish I could also suggest myself more time to read the books I buy over and above my budget! You’re in the running!

  8. Lou Sylvre says:

    Hi Kat! Thanks for thinking of Jade, but we’re looking at possibly May. That would be a long time for book money to be burning a hole in your pocket, and there’s so many good books out there just waiting… You are in the running!

  9. Lou Sylvre says:

    What was I thinking, Traci? Of course you used the magic words… They’re right there in front of me. Sorry. Looks like I have to say once again, well, duh! Thanks for not chastising me…

  10. Allison says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to have too much book money, is it? Loved the excerpt and the picture, yum! Thank you.

  11. Traci Kurtz says:

    No big deal Lou. :D

  12. Lou Sylvre says:

    Thanks Allison! I think we may share similar tastes! You are in the drawing for to book bucks! I’m very happy you stopped in, liked the excerpt, and entered.

  13. Lou Sylvre says:

    Aw, thanks, Traci.

  14. Skargasm says:

    Well that’s gonna help me sleep!! Wow, and book money!

  15. Susie Ritzko says:

    This sounds sooo awesome! And I could definitely always use some “book money”

  16. Lou Sylvre says:

    You’re in under the wire, Susie! I’ll put your name in the hat, and thanks very much for the kind compliment.

  17. Lou Sylvre says:

    Well, it did help Luki sleep… right? ;) So you’re names in the barrel, and I’m going to draw now.

  18. Lisa Parker says:

    Forget about book money, I want to see more of that shot…

  19. Christine LaCombe says:

    wow, this sounds really good. I would love to win some “book money” to be able to buy it. Loved the excerpt. thanks for this giveaway.
    lacombejc at suddenlink dot net

  20. Lou Sylvre says:

    Thank you Carolyn–really, even though Sonny wasn’t there, Luki was making love to him, I think!

  21. Lou Sylvre says:

    Okay, technically a few minutes past the deadline, but I have a hard time saying no to a contest entry, so you’re in, Christine. And thank you very much.

  22. Lou Sylvre says:

    Lisa, there is more of that shot out there on the web. I know because a friend sent it to me–full frontal and everything you would expect! But you also used hte magic words, just a couple minutes over the line, so you’re in the contest!

  23. Cynthia says:

    I’d love to get some book money. Great excerpt and pic!

  24. Amanda says:

    That’s a good chunk of free book money!!! Thanks for the chance and HELLO hot excerpt!

  25. Cathy Romanczuk says:

    I could always use more book money. I am always going over budget–even though my husband likens my reading things multiple times to Fahrenheit 451.

  26. Lou Sylvre says:

    Cynthia, I’m sorry you missed the contest end here, but if you go to my blog, there’s a calendar for the “Road Trip” the guys are on, and some more opportunities to win. Thanks for the compliment on the excerpt, and I’m glad you enjoyed the pic!

  27. Lou Sylvre says:

    Amanda, I’m sorry — too late for the contest here, but if you go to my blog, there’s a calendar for the “Road Trip” the guys are on, and some more opportunities to win. I’m very happy you stopped by to read, and that you enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks.

  28. Lou Sylvre says:

    Cathy, darn, it’s too late for the contest here, but I posted a calendar on my blog for the “Road Trip” the guys are on, and some more opportunities to win. Thanks for stopping in and reading! I repeat books, too, and I never thought of it that way, but your husband has a point!

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