Saving Sonny James contest #1 (Yeah, it’s easy)

October 22, 2013

Quick question: Who is the fab artist responsible for all the wonderful Vasquez and James covers?

Answer can be found here at the Dreamspinner Store.

A comment here with your answer enters you for a signed paperback of Saving Sonny James (or an ebook if you prefer).

Next, an excerpt.

14 Responses to “Saving Sonny James contest #1 (Yeah, it’s easy)”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Ooh, a signed paperback would be lovely. The answer would be the talented Reese Dante.

  2. Carolyn says:

    And I WOULD BE remiss if I didn’t include “would be” in every line I write. Some days I really need an editor. The one in my brain is not so on-the-ball all the time.

  3. Lou Sylvre says:

    You’re entered, Carolyn! Wonderful!

  4. Lou Sylvre says:

    I’m sure an editor WOULD BE having field day! Fortunately, though, it doesn’t matter here…

  5. Susie Ritzko says:

    The fabulous Reese Dante, of course

  6. Lou Sylvre says:

    Thanks Susie! You’re in the running! (And yes, she is fabulous, I’m lucky she’s done my covers, I think.)

  7. Theo says:

    Reese Dante of course

  8. Trix says:

    Gotta love Reese Dante!

  9. Lou Sylvre says:

    Totally agree, Trix! You’re in the drawing, and thanks for playing.

  10. Lou Sylvre says:

    Yes, the of course is so right! Thanks for playing, you’re in the drawing!

  11. Betty Andersen says:

    Reese Dante is the one.

  12. Lou Sylvre says:

    Yes, Betty, she is! Thank you so much for stopping by and playing. You’re name is in the hat!

  13. Ilona says:

    Reese Dante is the very talented artist who gives us so much pleasure with the great covers.

  14. Lou Sylvre says:

    Yes, Ilona, she is! Unfortunately, the contests here have already ended, but on my blog, there’s a calendar for the “Road Trip” the guys are on, and some more opportunities to win. Thanks for stopping by to read and play!

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