“Zipper Fall” release party – a book giveaway winner!

September 22, 2013

Aaaaand – drum roll, please – Trix is the winner of either Wild Horses or Zipper Fall e-book! Trix, please PM me and let me know what you’d like, and how you’d like it! Congratulations!

And now, a bit about book research. Let me list a few things I’ve done either by coincidence or in order to “learn a world” and write about it – and then I’d like you to share the most outlandish thing you would consider doing, or have done, in name of book research. So, here goes:

- climbed rock walls (very…ehm… EXCITING.)
- learned to ride a horse (and today, got stepped on, scraped against the wall, and have accidentally fed him a finger along with a carrot. That foot will bruise, for sure.)
- learned to hunt deer
- various martial arts, including weapons moderns and ancient
- worked in a flower shop (it’s not just arranging flowers – it’s also washing buckets and dealing with the generous public)
- started a business / killed a business / grew a business
- traveled (I rout my business travel through new places in name of reserach, whenever possible)
- trained for a triathlon (and completed two – highly recommended, it doesn’t include heights and you can break when biking downhill…)
- “volunteered” in a restaurant kitchen (free labor in exchange for learning new things)
- ate wild mushrooms (and foraged for them, learned to ID them, and discussed possible lethal methods with an interested toxicologist)
- contacted professors at universities to find out stuff (and they were, usually, happy to oblige!)
- had coffee with a retired CIA employee, who was very helpful in making my CIA operative credible and legal
- fought in medieval armor, AND slept in it (to see if it’s possible…)
- started fire with a bow drill, attempted to brain-tan deerhide (don’t try this at home, its very smelly!)
- shot a machine gun/rode in a tank / held gas mask drills (that’s in elementary school during the Cold War, in Europe, where we took civil defense seriously).

So, spill it. If you write, what was the wildest thing you ever actually did that made its way into your book? If you don’t write, what would you consider doing? I’ll go cook dinner, and before I sign off for the night, I’ll do a random drawing for a winner of a signed trade paperback copy of either Zipper Fall or Wild Horses for one of you who responded!

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8 Responses to ““Zipper Fall” release party – a book giveaway winner!”

  1. Trix says:

    YAY! Thank you so much! I’m having trouble finding an e-mail address for you, either here or on your site…I am a little scatterbrained today, so maybe it’s just me…

  2. Holly W. says:

    Wow, that’s quite a list. I don’t write, but the most adventurous thing I really want to do is go skydiving. Not much of a thrill-seeker in general, it just looks like so much fun.

  3. Trix says:

    Oh, and as to your question: for some reason, raising chickens springs to mind. I think it’s because it sounds like the sort of thing that could be really fun or really awful, and there’s no way to know until you find out…

  4. Kate Pavelle says:

    Hi Holly! I think that’s one thing you can do in my stead and give me a full report when you’re back on terra firma! I don’t do heights happily. Why, only this summer I climbed up a waterfall because everyone else was doing it, and had the worst time getting back down. My brother tried it several times and he loved it.

  5. Kate Pavelle says:

    I thought of raising chickens, just to have fresh eggs. Our zoning regs would make it sort of hard, though. The problem is, you can’t put your chickens in the kennel when you travel. I’d have to find someone to take care of them. So, I considered the benefits, but I can definitely see a disaster in the making, LOL!

  6. Trix says:

    You could always do the ninja method:


    Sorry to cause you problems–I’m a bit privacy-obsessed myself! Anyway, e-mail is on the way…thanks again!

  7. Kate Pavelle says:

    It’s not you causing me problems! It’s me. I’m new to this interface, and I don’t always notice things right away. It’s all taken care of, though! Check your mail.

  8. Holly W. says:

    If I ever get the chance/nerve to do so… I’ve done the hiking-top of mountain-overlook thing, and I have climbed over a waterfall, but they were all climb up climb down things in the midst of a hike. I would love to go up in the plane, get the excellent view, and then find the nerve to do the jumping, flying, freefall bit.

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