“The Satyr’s Song” Release Party post 2

September 19, 2013

Welcome back for part two of the release party for “The Satyr’s Song,” book two of the Ren Faire Romances. I’m going to kick it up a notch this hour and discuss something that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind when they go to the faire, the hot guys.

Over the years, the different fairs have taken on different flairs and we find different themes tend to permeate at different times. Thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies we had a good number of pirates show up and in some cases take over the fairs. But as we found out in “The Jouster’s Lance,” some pirates like to be plundered as much as they like plundering. At the Colorado Renaissance Festival, we actually have a pirate’s pub when many of them hang out.

Here one heading to the pub, or maybe coming back from it. Not sure which. If it were a video, we could tell by his swagger.

Some of the performers are also rather sexy.

There are the Fairy Tale Princes. You’ll get to meet one of them in “The Archer’s Arrow” coming out first of the year.

There are jugglers. (I’m threatening to writer “The Juggler’s Balls” one of these days.)

And I’m not sure Dale O’Toole, one of the main characters of “The Jouster’s Lance” would appreciate it if I forgot the jousters.

But we also have hot guys just wandering around the faire grounds.

Satyrs. I personally think Adrian in “The Satyr’s Song” is hotter.

And a pretzel guy.

And to leave off this post I’ll leave you with this…to get your heart racing.

So what sort of guy do you like to see at the faire?

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  1. Andrea M says:

    All of the above! Great pictures.

  2. AJ Marcus says:

    Glad you enjoyed them Andrea. I’ll be posting another round of ren faire men before I’m done today.

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