“The Satyr’s Song” Release Party post 1

September 19, 2013

Greetings fair gentles, ‘tis I, A.J. Marcus, but you can call me, Andy. I’m here on the Dreamspinner Press blog today to talk a bit about Renaissance Faires and promote my new book “The Satyr’s Song” which is coming out tomorrow.


“The Satyr’s Song” is book 2 in the Ren Faire Romances series. If you didn’t read book 1, “The Jouster’s Lance” you should, but it’s not necessary to enjoy “The Satyr’s Song.” Also for anyone interested, book 3 “The Archer’s Arrow” is already under contract and will be coming out after the first of the year.

So, without further a due, on to the setting of these wonderful books of mine, The Renaissance Faire. If you can’t tell from the books, I love Ren Faires. There is just something wonderful and magical about the atmosphere they create. I’ve been going to and in some cases working at various fairs, first in California, then Texas and lately Colorado for over twenty years. Each fair has its own flair and flavor. What I find interesting is how they change over the years while at the same time, staying essentially the same, but I think I’ll wait to get into that in a later post. (I’ll have several post over the day.)

The idea of the Renaissance Faire brings forth images to everyone’s minds. It might be jousters on horses. It might be jesters clowning among people in the streets, or fine court ladies on parade. Then there is the food, Who can resist a steak on a stake? Or, maybe a turkey leg is more your flavor? Do you like the shows? Are belly dancers your thing? Maybe bawdy wenches doing a song and dance number? I know a good falconry show always gets my attention.

What are some of the things you enjoy when you go to the ren faire? Be careful, I might just put some of your suggestions into a future book.

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