“The Satyr’s Song” Release Party, final cannon

September 19, 2013

Well it looks like the time for “The Satyr’s Song” release party is winding down. The last joust is over and we’re watching the crowds straggle toward the gate before the final cannon. I hope everyone has enjoyed the day at the faire with pictures and commentary. I could go on for several more hours, but this is it. Midnight fast approaches the east coast so let’s part ways with another post of the sexy men of faire.

Hot and Hunky

Just plain cute.




Huzah! So, that’s it for hot men of the ren faire part 2 and I think the final cannon just sounded in the distance signaling that the day has come to an end. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I did. Don’t forget about our contest. Hidden in amongst the many pictures I posted today are two images, one of me and one of my handsome husband. Leave me a comment with which post and which image. The first one with the correct answer wins an autographed copy of “The Satyr’s Song” as soon as I get my copies. Your deadline is Midnight September 20 2013 (MST)!

Don’t forget to stop by my website and facebook page to stay abreast of things going on and the solution to the contest are on facebook. Well, you’ll still have to tell me which post and pictures, but the rest is pretty easy.  Good night fair gentles. Andy, aka A.J. Marcus.

3 Responses to ““The Satyr’s Song” Release Party, final cannon”

  1. Trix says:

    You’re in the photo captioned “Handsome” on this post. I’m guessing that your husband is the first vendor shown in post 5, since he’s got the most complimentary descriptions in your Facebook Ren Faire photo folder. Fun day–I’ll have to get to a Faire someday myself!

  2. Marie says:

    I hope this is the right spot to reply to this! I’ve enjoyed reading about the ren faire today. My guesses for the photos are as follows: your photo is subtitled “Handsome” and you’re wearing orange and green in the post “Release party – final cannon,” and your husband’s photo is the first vendor photo (he’s wearing a gold hat/cap, I think) in the post “Release Party – post 5.” Congratulations on your upcoming release! Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. AJ Marcus says:

    Very good Trix, you beat Marie by 2 minutes. Send me an email at andy@ajmarcus.com with your shipping information and I’ll get your copy off as soon as I get them in here. I’m glad that both of you enjoyed today’s posts. Hopefully I can do this or something similar when “The Archer’s Arrow” comes out next year and there will be more chances to win. HUZAH!

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