“The Satry’s Song” Release Party post 5

September 19, 2013

Wow, the hours just keep ticking by. AJ, Andy, here again with more interesting ren faire stuff. Since the pictures are going over well, I think I’ll stick with those. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then my word count for today is going through the roof. Since I work the Colorado Fair for one of the vendors, I’ll post some shots of various vendors this time. Shopping is one of the many reasons people come to the fair. I think every weekend I work the fair, I heard at least two people a day say that the only reason they came to the fair was to shop in our booth. That’s really cool. So at the bottom of this post will be the rules for the contest to win an autographed copy of “The Satyr’s Song” it won’t ship out until I get them which will probably be in the next two weeks or so. So here we go on a visual trip through of the vendors and I’ll even throw in a few shots from some of the games.

I often share the pictures I take of friends at the fair . Lady Kamala got a lot of complements with this one.

Okay, I admit that I am terrible with names and some of the folks at fair we only see during fair. I’ve known this guy for five years now and I can never remember his name. I just call him Spindle Boy because he spent so much time standing out in front of their booth demonstrating a drop spindle.

These two actually work at one of the games of skill.

So that’s it for vendor pictures. Now the part that everyone has been waiting for, the contest. In amongst the pictures being posted today (they might already be posted or they could be posted later) there are two pictures, one of me and one of my husband. Identify the pictures and you’ll get a signed copy of “The Satyr’s Song.” The only people excluded from this are people who know me in person, that would be cheating. All the information to figure out which ones is available on the web, either my website, or facebook page.  Comment on my last post in a few hours and let me know which post and which picture, get both of them right by midnight tomorrow night (MST) and win a book.  Good Luck.

The parting question for this post. What type of things do you like to buy at the Renaissance Festival?

2 Responses to ““The Satry’s Song” Release Party post 5”

  1. Andrea M says:

    Since I’ve never been or read about one, I’ll have to guess. It would be oils, dolls, food, trinkets…..I guess a little of everything.

  2. AJ Marcus says:

    That’s a good option, particularly for the first time at a fair. Sample lots of stuff.

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