Homespun Release Party: New England autumn

September 18, 2013

Thank you again for joining me for the Homespun release party! This post is probably the one that was the most fun to put together — a photo tour of New England in the fall!

My sister lives on a small farm near Ithaca, a large town/small city in central New York, in the general area where Homespun is set. Last fall I went to visit her and also, incidentally, to scout locations for Homespun. Luckily she was a good sport about being co-opted to drive around for hours exploring the countryside. We ended up driving all over central New York and Vermont. Some of my other blog tour posts in later weeks will go into more details of the location scouting process. I don’t want to repeat myself TOO much, so today I’ll give you a different set of photos from the ones that will appear in later blog tour posts. These are the visuals that I was working from when I wrote Homespun, with its descriptions of the gorgeous New England fall colors.

Some of the most striking colors we saw were right along the semi-rural road where my sister lives:

By the time we got over to Vermont, in the middle of October, the peak colors were already over. We did see some pretty sights:

But mostly there was the awareness that it WOULD have been flaming, in-your-face, eyeball-knockout red if we’d gotten there a week ago. This is a pretty good indication of how different climate can be in very nearby places. In flatter, warmer central New York, the trees were vividly aflame with autumn colors, while in Vermont’s mountains they’d already dropped a lot of their leaves.

Which is not to say the trip was a waste of time by any means. As well as lots of scenery, we also saw the most awesome restaurant EVER in Bennington, Vermont, which sadly we didn’t go into because we’d just eaten lunch, so we were stuffed. But someday I really want to eat here.

And once we crossed the border back into New York, we went climbing at Bald Mountain, which has these amazing steeply-sloped rocks that you have to scramble over.

Yes, you climb this.

The fictional small town in Homespun is called Hazel, and it ended up being located in an area that’s within relatively easy driving distance of Bald Mountain. There is no doubt in my mind that Laura and Owen go over to Bald Mountain occasionally, possibly dragging Kerry along with them. Owen’s not really the climbing type, but he took Laura a couple of times when she was a kid and now she keeps wanting to go back. Kerry is REALLY not the climbing type, and I expect the one time they actually did manage to drag him there, he’d have spent the whole time complaining and nearly falling off things in his slippery-soled, impractical shoes.

We walked along the top of this. Kerry would DIE.

Southwest of the Bald Mountain area, the low, rolling farmland between Utica and Syracuse turned out to be the perfect location for Homespun. I’ll have a few pictures of that area in a later blog tour post. I’ve actually only got a few pictures of that area, honestly; we drove through there once, in the evening. Ithaca is pretty similar, though, and here are a few more of the Ithaca-area sights that went into crafting Homespun.

I hope this gives you a few more visuals for Homespun! It really is a lovely area.

Do you have any particular memories of autumn, or autumn holidays? Or did you grow up in a hot climate and envy the cooler latitudes their bright colors — or think you had it better after all? :D

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