Happy Valentine’s Day – Special Gift from DSP

February 14, 2013

Hello dreamers! Thank you so much for spending this lovely day with us. For this event, we have a very special surprise for you: custom made DSP desktops!


Thanks to Paul Richmond for creating them! Aren’t they lovely?

The desktops are available in three different sizes and you can find them all here: DSP desktops.

6 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day – Special Gift from DSP”

  1. Sue says:

    They’re dreamy. Thanks so much, Paul.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank You… Now every time I see them I’ll think about DSP

  3. Tracy says:

    Thank you, these are amazing.

  4. C.L. Miles says:

    These are lovely! Thank you so much, Paul!

  5. Linda C says:

    NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  6. Jilrene says:

    Nice! Thanks.

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