Ascendance by Lissa Kasey

November 7, 2012

When Ascendance horrors threaten to consume Sei, will his bond with Gabe keep him safe? Ascendance by Lissa Kasey, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Sequel to Conviction – Dominion Series: Book Four

Seiran Rou knows life isn’t a romance novel, but he didn’t expect the honeymoon to end so soon.  After a rough four months of people either trying to break up his relationship with vampire Gabe Santini or kill them both, now their own inability to communicate is getting in the way. Overwhelmed by his upcoming graduation from the magic studies program and jealous of Gabe’s mentorship of Sam, Sei wants to run away from it all.

When he inherits his late father’s house in California, it’s the perfect opportunity to escape. But he soon discovers his father’s past holds many secrets. The more Sei learns about his family, the deeper he finds himself drawn into the bowels of Ascendance horrors. Even his bond with Gabe may not be able to keep the earth from taking him.

Length: Novella | Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense | Series: Dominion by Lissa Kasey | Buy as eBook

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