Hotel Pens by Geoffrey Knight

October 17, 2012

A treasure hunt through NY might be what Joe needs to rediscover love. Hotel Pens by Geoffrey Knight, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Travel writer Joe Jordan hasn’t been home to New York since his boyfriend broke up with him. Instead he’s hopped from hotel to hotel, collecting pens like a child in a fairytale might leave a trail of breadcrumbs hoping to find his way back. But now he has an assignment, an article titled “5 Ways to Rediscover New York.” Being back on his home turf is daunting—until he meets Claude Desjardins, a gay romance translator staying in his hotel who, after a night of near passion, leads Joe on a treasure hunt through Manhattan, writing clues on Joe’s skin using hotel pens. But it isn’t just New York Joe needs to rediscover.

Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary

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