Beyond the Spanish Road by Annie Kaye

May 10, 2012

Love and war pull Javier in different directions. Which one will triumph? Beyond the Spanish Road by Annie Kaye, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Javier is fulfilling his parents’ wishes by serving as a soldier in the Spanish army—a duty that will take the young swordsman far from his beloved home and family to a planned invasion of England. In France, his unit awaits the arrival of the Armada, and it is there, near the shore of the English Channel, that Javier meets Gaspard, a local merchant who has the face of an angel.

Long ago, when he realized he would never truly love a woman, Javier resolved to remain celibate. What sparks between him and Gaspard shakes that determination to the core, a love that grows until it will no longer be denied. But their situation is impossible: Gaspard is intent upon having an heir, while in Javier’s future, war looms closer every day.

Genre: Historical – Europe
Length: Novella
Pages: 60

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