Tia Travels Again!

April 26, 2012

I used to travel a lot as a kid. My family went through a holiday destination every year or every two years from the time I was six-ish to when I was fifteen. After that I’ve only gone abroad once, for my language course in England when I was sixteen.

I’m a low-income person, so I don’t have money to travel these days. I’d really love to go to the larger events and cons in the US, but the tickets are ridiculously expensive and I just can’t. Maybe one day. At least the thought will keep me writing!

Because I can’t go as far as the US, I decided to aim closer. There’s this event this year, the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet, in Brighton, UK. It takes place in September, and I’m really looking forward to it. My sister, she’s 14, is coming with me and she insists we go to London as well.

It wasn’t like she had to twist my arm… I mean I loved the few things I had a chance to see in London when I was there on a day-trip during my language course. I adore The Tower of London. I also want to go see The London Dungeon again.

Because my sister is a huge Harry Potter-freak, we’re also going to go to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. It’s going to be amazing and a treat even for me who haven’t actually read all the books or seen all the movies. I’ll have to before I go there, though. Not because of spoilers but because my dear friend who is probably coming with us will flay me if I don’t… You know who you are. ;)

These are my travel plans for the future. I’m probably taking a little road trip (cue 5 hours of driving and bad singing. At least I’m doing it alone, eh?) soon to see relatives and friends in another part of Finland, but that doesn’t count, really. Because there needs to be an airplane involved for it to be a proper trip!

Contest-question number two: If you could travel abroad right this minute, where would you go and why?

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