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April 26, 2012

I think it’s almost bedtime for me, even though I guess most of the people who will want to take part in the contest are just getting started with their evenings. Timezones are such funny things.

I wanted to talk a little bit about what’s to come. I was writing a lot last year and so far this year not that much, but I’ll get back to writing more actively soon, I hope. The writing I did last year and early this year has really paid off.

The next release I have coming up is book one of my shifter series. The series’ name is Finnshifters and the first book is called Chuffed. I’m working on book three and I’ve submitted book two, so they’re all coming up eventually, hopefully every few months or so. How many books are in the series? Probably four or five. Unless something new pops up.

Finnshifters is my take on the shifter genre. In my world, there are only “cats and dogs” as far as shifters are concerned, and it’s otherwise pretty much a regular world, just with shifters who live in secrecy. The series is a bit different, at least I think so, and the setting is Finland, which makes it unique in the M/M-genre. I hope you all will like it, at least I really do.

Another new thing I have coming up is a new novel. The working title is Technically Dead, and it’s about a young human who fell in love with a really old vampire and they ended up changing each other’s lives. The story begins in present day, where they haven’t seen each other in a decade and much has happened in between. And then much more happens and things change even more, you know the deal!

Chuffed will be out in May-June and Technically Dead in July-August. When I have the official dates, I’ll post them on my blog, which you can find from my website.

Since it is my bedtime, it’s also time for me to give you the last contest-question!

Because my upcoming shifter series, I want to know what kind of shifter you would want to be if you had to choose? It doesn’t have to be a feline or a canine breed, it can be whatever you like. Tell me why you chose this kind of animal and email me at tiafielding at gmail dot com with the two other answers to the previous questions.

When I have the contest winners, I’ll post them to my Facebook page and my blog. This should happen no later than Wednesday, May 2nd. If I don’t get many answers, I’ll extend the contest deadline and probably post it to a few other places too, just to get a few more emails to toss into the mix.

It has been fun, rambling along today! Let’s do this again some time, shall we?

Have a nice spring, everyone!

- Tia Fielding

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  1. Linda C says:

    If I were a shifter, I would be a tiger. I have loved tigers since Disney’s Jungle Book Shere Khan was first released. He was mean, but beautiful.

    Linda C

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