Hello! I’m Lou Sylvre, author of Delsyn’s Blues…

January 2, 2012

… and I’m here to celebrate that the book has been released, today! I’ve got some things I want to post including excerpts, a look into some of the places Luki Vasquez and Sonny James spend their time in Delsyn’s Blues (the sequel to Loving Luki Vasquez, perhaps a bit about Chow-chows, guns, and Grass Dancing. And more… But, I’m open to answer questions, or whatever. It’s a busy day, I know, but if you have time and inclination, please join me.

I’m going to start off with a little peak into the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca in particular, which is the water that edges Sonny James’ isolated home. It’s a peaceful place… usually. And therein lies the story. But here is a photo and a tiny, tiny excerpt that is one of my favorite small moments in the book. (Some of you might have seen this before, when we talked about Sonny’s beany (that’s right, beany) on my Goodreads author blog. I hope you agree it’s worth revisiting.) Then, I’ll be right back with the blurbs and covers for both Delsyn’s Blues and book 1, Loving Luki Vasquez.

Luki reached out, “Come walk with me.”

Sonny didn’t argue or delay, but neither did he speak or smile. He took Luki’s hand and let himself be pulled up and got his flip-flops on, but he refused the jacket. Instead he put on a beanie the color of driftwood and a scarf woven in the pinks and muted blues of a winter sunset on the straits. He’d made them for Delsyn because after Nebraska he was always cold. Wearing them, Sonny looked both armored against grief and vulnerable to its every nuance.

8 Responses to “Hello! I’m Lou Sylvre, author of Delsyn’s Blues…”

  1. Rhys Ford says:



    I just spoke with Lisa at Top 2 Bottom reviews about your book. She was all….MUHA HAH HAH! IT IS MINE! MIIIIIINE!

    We’re all very excited.

  2. Dawn says:

    I really enjoyed Loving Luki Vasquez and will snap up Delsyn’s Blues very soon.

  3. Lou Sylvre says:

    Thanks, Dawn! And thanks for coming to the release party. ;) If there’s anything you want me to touch on, let me know. (Even if you can’t hang around, I’ll try to respond.)

  4. Lou Sylvre says:

    Ummm… unicorn. I wish I knew what exactly Muha hah hah means in this context… (Hi Rhys! Thanks for stopping in. Can you stick around at all?)

  5. Anne Barwell says:

    Hi, Lou *waves* I love that picture you’ve shared. The scenery is gorgeous – great visual to go with Sonny’s beanie and scarf in the excerpt. *grins* Unicorns!

  6. Lou Sylvre says:

    Thanks, Anne. It really is a very beautiful part of the country. Rugged, and ofter rather… weathery, but beautiful. I hope to post a few more pictures. I’m going to go for a real excerpt now.

  7. Heya,

    Home from work, finally. So looking forward to reading more of Sonny and Luki.


  8. Lou Sylvre says:


    I’ll be posting another excerpt next! Glad you’re here!

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