The big red dog—or how readers helped write Delsyn’s Blues, part 2 (Oh yeah, and another contest)

January 2, 2012

Back on June 20, 2011, on this very blog, a release party was in progress for book 1, Loving Luki Vasquez. In introduced my assistant, Boudreau. Here’s one of his pics, for those who haven’t yet met him:

Several readers/party attendees commented on the subject of cats and dogs in general, and I mentioned that I thought Vasquez and James might acquire a dog in Delsyn’s Blues. That led to “name that dog” contest at my Goodreads author blog. Now, Bear is a chow-mix totally devoted to Luki, despite Luki’s best efforts to discourage him. Here’s the picture readers used to name the new, bulky, four-legged character:

And another contest!

My last post was an excerpt. Tell me the name of the boat Sonny was driving, and their destination, and your in the running for ebook copy of Delsyn’s Blues. (If you entered the other contest, you can enter this one, too, but you can only win once, okay?)
Like before, answer in a comment here, or email me direct at lou(dot)sylvre(at)gmail(dot)com. Please enter! I love contests!

10 Responses to “The big red dog—or how readers helped write Delsyn’s Blues, part 2 (Oh yeah, and another contest)”

  1. Anne Barwell says:

    Melvern’s Bucket & Mack’s Island.

    *loves contests too

    thought I’d comment for this one as I emailed for the last one :)

  2. monica says:

    The boat’s name is Melvern’s Bucket and their destination is Mack’s Island

  3. Lou Sylvre says:

    Got it, Monica! You convered the contest bases, at least so far. I hope you’ll keep in touch.

  4. Lou Sylvre says:

    Eggs-ellent, Anne! Your in the mix for both contests, full on!

  5. Maya says:

    I love contests too, Lou! The boat was Melvern’s Bucket and the destination was Mack’s Island. :)

  6. Lou Sylvre says:

    Hey, Maya! Thanks for playing. You answered the questions and your name’s in the hat. I’m glad you decided to come by!

  7. scj says:

    Looking forward to this one! The boat is called Melvern’s Bucket and they’re going to Mack’s Island.

  8. Lou Sylvre says:

    Exactly right, Scj. I hope you enjoy the read, when you can. Your name has gone in for the random/child/cat drawing. Thanks!

  9. Nikyta says:

    Love the excerpts so far. Can’t wait to read more about Luki and Sonny!!!! :D

    The boat’s name is Melvern’s Bucket and they are going to Mack’s Island

  10. Lou Sylvre says:

    I thought I replied to this, Nikyta, but I don’t see it. (Maybe I only meant to.) Anyway, thank you much. Correct answers, name in the hat, I’m drawing today, whether the cat cooperates or not! Thanks!

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